There are many ways to experience an empty creative tank – sometimes it’s just “I have no ideas.” Or “I don’t have the skills to create what’s in my head.” Any thoughts that paralyze you can result in a big blank page in front of you without any hope of that changing.

I experienced that empty creative hole inside me after last week’s epic alcohol marker series and a new class….and boy oh boy did that hit hard! I had to find my way out, and I think last night, I actually did.

Tutorial: How I refilled my creative tank

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Recreate old art

Find a piece of art you made a while back, whether a physical one or a digital photo of it. Remake it now with your current skill level. It’s a great way to visibly see what your growth has been! This is the original painting:

Change up the medium

You can use a current favorite; a few months ago I tried this in watercolor and made it a winter scene:

But last night, late in the studio when all was quiet, I got out a medium I haven’t used in a while…a ballpoint pen! It’s a super fine point so gives a thin line for excellent detail. This is in a sketchbook I picked up in an airport, by the way. Not even a brand name on it. Draw on anything! When it comes to JUST MAKING, that’s the idea. Sit down and do it.

More on Artventure

I have more of a personal post at Artventure right now, so I recommend having a read over there if you need a little encouragement when you’re stuck. The community there is growing and thriving, and they’re the ones that pulled me out of my hole last night. I’m so grateful for them!


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  1. Uniball Signo Gel Pen .28 
  2. Sketchbook – a no name brand I picked up at an airport! Draw. On. Anything.

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  1. sienablue

    Great ideas, glad you refilled your creative energy tank. Would love to know more about your artventure post and community, can you provide a link? I couldn’t find it on a search engine.

    • Sandy Allnock

      Oh! I was typing this so late I didn’t add a link here, d’oh! Here you go:

      • sienablue

        Thanks, I submitted a request to join

  2. Sabine Matuschka

    It is fascinating!

  3. Gab

    Really great tips, thanks Sandy


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