A few months ago I had promised to use these beach sets when summer arrived – and GAH it’s half over! Sorry ’bout that. But better midsummer than late summer, right? The #worldwatercolormonth prompt reminded me to make this one; it’s “beach fun” today, and this is about as beachy fun as you can get!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

I recommend making a practice sheet for yourself – try them out with different colors, even different brands, and write down what you used so you can replicate it. (Or avoid it as the case may be!

I have a gajillion blocks – – all the standard rectangles, but also one of the Catherine Pooler rounds that has the soft edges to it, Lawn Fawn ones with the scalloped sides that are easy to grip – and the AI ones with the little tiny blocks for all the little tiny flowers and leaves that you need to make scenes with.


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