Is becoming confident at art as important as competence? Or is competence more critical?

I’ve got a little story to share that’ll hopefully help make sense of the difference between them, and how we move forward from one to the other!

Even though I figured out on Monday while writing my Tuesday blog post that Letter Writing Week is actually next week, I’m still celebrating! And the party will continue into Tuesday’s so….I’m just sprawling all over January, eh?

Tutorial: Art confidence vs competence

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Let’s draw together!

I’m launching a little initiative for 2024! After seeing a rather large contingent of artists taking the 30 Days watercolor class together during World Watercolor Month last year, I wanted to make that a more normal “thing” for us all. So I’m going to be challenging more people to do art together.

That starts with ME. I’m used to creating a class then just moving on to the next class I’d like to share. But instead, I’ll be “taking” my own classes – WITH YOU – and we’ll all post our homework together in Artventure,. We’ll share our challenges, our delights, our aha moments. I’ll  be putting a new “spin” on some lessons and provide extra tips in the classrooms as I do, so if the class we do is one you’ve already taken, you’ll get to stretch your skills!

I hope that will help us to lift each other up when we think we can’t do another lesson. When life gets us down we know the group is excited to see us finish our piece and post it. Social media isn’t anxiously awaiting our next post, but our buddies? They are!

 I’ve chosen the first two classes to start things off.

January 22-31

Whimsical Sketching class – I can’t wait to see how my style changed from back when I created those drawings. I’ll post photos of my results in the classroom and tips on how I did it there, but….come join in at Artventure and work on the assignments along with the community! Whether going through class a second time, or just signing up now, it’s more fun doing art together.

January 27

Our January “Open Studio” session at Artventure is scheduled, and I might just be working on one of my Whimsical Sketching pieces. You can work on anything during these freeform Zoom calls, but join in especially if you have class questions!

February 1 – March 2

Next begins the 30 Days to More Confident Sketching class! I hope to gather those who want to re-take the class or go through it the first time. We’ll post our work, ask questions, encourage each other, and maybe we’ll even get to the finish line together!

If these have good participation, I’ll pick various classes in different mediums throughout the year so we can make our art together!

PS: These courses are on sale! Just tap on the image to go shop.

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Bookish printable – and coloring

Next week I’ll include a snippet that I shot coloring a book in my watercolor video…and give you a tip to make that easier. In the meantime when  you pick up the Bookish Printable, you’ll get the JPG you can resize, but also a full letter-size image PDF with the full black line, a no-line rendition, and the colored pencil one you got a peek at in the video! Tap on either image to go shop for the books!

What should I do with all those letters?

I’d love your input. Would they be of interest as a physically printed pack of printed and colorable pieces?


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  1. Bernadette Tidyman

    I bought the bookish printable as I’m book mad and art mad so I can’t wait to crack on with colouring the image. It’s adorable.

    • Sandy Allnock

      Oh do share when you color it up! I’d love to see what you create 🙂

  2. Diane Cramer

    Sandy…I’m having a problem with links. I click on the “watch on YouTube” and it takes me to Amazon. When it says “watch the video below” there isn’t a video to watch.

    • Sandy Allnock

      Oh goodness gracious! I don’t know how that happened. It should work now, sorry!


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