Are flourescent Copics really glow in the dark? Let’s see!

It JUST occurred to me that Copic has always had a couple flourescent colors in the mix…and aside from the ones that LOOK flourescent being kinda garish (and I rarely have anything that needs those colors!), I hadn’t ever *tested* their flourescence!

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Be sure to stay tuned in the video to see the sneak peek at the end:

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Copic Ink (aka refills)

Once again the reinker bottles are not named “reinkers”, which would have been helpful, ha! Though “Copic Ink” is better than “Various Ink.” I’d been waiting for them to show up at crafty outlets so I’d been saving my money to get them in Ellen’s shop – yay for at least parts of the orders to get into the shop.

I’m 88% excited about them because:

  • Bottles are smaller and will not take up so much space
  • Nib is longer – less mess in reinking pens!
  • Slowly becoming available in the marketplace.
  • Less expensive overall.FAR better than the “same price half the ink” rumors going around months ago!*

*This is the 12% of not thrilled: they’re more expensive than they once were per ounce. That’s a VERY normal thing in this world, and while I know it’s no fun, companies’ costs do go up, so a little more isn’t as

Flourescent Octopi Card

Only three of the colors are truly flourescent – FY1, FYR1, and FYG1. Maybe FBG2 if it works hard. lol. The rest – maybe there are other uses that would show off flourescent properties, but whether on dark or light paper, I didn’t find much going on. However, since few people will send a blacklight along with a card, all that may not matter, eh?

Oddly you can tell under blacklight by the caps which markers have the real flourescence.

All the colors used on my card:

I have so many octopi in my stamp collections! lol. The pirate is from Sea Birthday, by Waffle Flower, and Mr Big Eyes is from Subbing In by Ellen Hutson.

Lawn Fawn’s Ocean Shell-fie has the mama and baby sized octopi…

The last but not least – the happiest octopi of all is from Shellebration by Trinity Stamps –and since the outlines were much thinner I kept him at the bottom in the darkest areas. Sentiment is from the Lawn Fawn set.

Copic Art Journaling Class

I’ve been working like mad on the intermediate Copic Art Journaling class that’s been on my back burner for YEARS now… has two major components:

  1. Techniques for coloring and drawing pages – no drawing experience is needed, but Copic Jumpstart or equivalent experience is recommended since I won’t be getting into basic blending or color theory and you’ll want to know both.
  2. Changing your mindset about yourself as an artist – this art journal is all about YOU! Which means your pages will look different than mine, so you can add stamping, stencils, or drawings of your own too.

#2 is the biggie for me; I am hoping to help students write over their “I can’t do it!” tapes in their heads with positive messages, reminders to look at how far they’ve come, and write down areas they want to continue growing in. We’re all on a journey in art – there’s no right or wrong place to be!

What supplies are needed? As for #1, the supply list is what everyone’s going to want, eh? Hopefully in this pandemic-economic-hard-times, you already own lots of what’s needed! You can visit the free pre-class lesson (link at the bottom of the class page) to see what’s needed.

How many pages? The class will have 10 lessons in it, but each one includes two spreads; the main lesson is a technique and pep talk on a topic, and the ‘bonus’ spread is tips on ways to handle the BACK side of the pages in between the previous lesson and the current one. Ink bleeds through, and sometimes can be recovered to create a whole new page, sometimes can be covered up, and I’ll show you what I’ve done to not “lose” pages in my 96-page book.


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