Why hello there on Alternate Primaries Sunday! (ha!) It must be Ellen Hutson release day, right? That’s the one Sunday a month you get some extra creativity from me!

I’m calling this Alternate Primaries Sunday because I wanted to see what I could do with a not-as-typical primary color combo – pink, yellow, and teal instead of red, yellow and blue. I kinda like it!

I’m using Copic airbrush to create these, but you can certainly do inking or watercolor or other mediums to try something like this. Different shades of each of those colors can generate even more options for colorways!


Watch the video below or click HERE to watch it on YouTube.

With my Be the Change card with butterflies, I stamped in Distress Oxides, airbrushed, trimmed, glued, and added white pen. (That sounds like a very typical routine for me on a card!)

Why not a Christmas card in this comobination? The In the Weeds set will be fun to color as flowers, but here it’s a snow-covered garden. It came out soft and subtle…and gave me lots of places to add my white pen.

The Up in the Air set has a dirigible to color, as well as tress – but I made the trees silhouettes and added a house so the silhouette people have a place to live. (Yes every scene has a story!) Stay tuned later this month for a Christmas card on Ellen’s blog that I made with this set – way fun, no airbrushing just inking!

And gimme something to put candy in and I am one happy camper! I’ll be making these for one of my Toastmasters club meetings coming up soon. Maybe Thanksgiving treats in warm fall colors, wouldn’t that be pretty?


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