Today’s focus – drawing some super simple elements to add to a farm-themed cards….to go with this Way to Goat stamp set or any other farm themed one you’ve got!

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My friends at Honey Bee sent me Way to Goat – and it’s so cute! I’ve got a thing for goats, so you can scroll down a bit to find out how you can buy one! In the meantime check out the video:

View on YouTube.

I did a little color mixing – added yellow to my pink to make a salmon color for the pig, and added yellow to black to warm it up. You can get different hues based on how much of one color or the other is added.

Little buddies goat and piggie have a scribbly little hay bale in their scene – letting the bale ties be “broken” (start and stop) makes it look like there could be hay sticking out to cover parts of it.

The bucket is a little tougher – I offer a Drawing 101 class that students will recognize the shape of the bucket from, except it’s upside down in this case!

Lots of other elements can be included, but – keep it simple as you get started with scene making!


I love goats ever since I worked on the World Vision gift catalog years ago – you can go give a goat HERE!


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