I’m a noob to acrylic inks and….I may be hooked.

Previously I had avoided them. If I couldn’t put it IN a pen, what would I want to get a bunch of opaque inks for? I’d have to figure out dip pens, and since I hadn’t had a lot of success with the cheapo dip pens I had bought over the years, new inks would mean new pens and well – who’s got money for all that?

Well I only bought ONE new pen. A new cheap glass pen (not used here because it didn’t do bupkus with the acrylic ink) – and for the rest I used some of the nibs and the pen holder that I’d already had. So at least that’s solved – even if now I just have one color to play with. Ha! Anyone got a lottery ticket I can use for more new inks?? heehee!

Tutorial: Acrylic Ink Doodle on Black

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Ultra Marina

This one is the Ultra Marina acrylic ink – waterproof! Do NOT put it in a pen, unless you like gumming up a fountain pen. If you end up with dried ink, isopropyl alcohol is supposed to clean that off – soaking it if needed. No reaction with water or bleach after dry so it won’t lift.

Unfettered Flight

A duochrome light blue with what they call a pink/gold shimmer (looks more bronzey to me? Maybe that’s all the same!) is Unfettered Flight. Shake it well so you mix that shimmer around in it. And use enough to get that shimmer on the paper; a super light wash is just the pretty blue. Lifts well with bleach.

That crazy nib

When digging through my box of pen nibs I found this wide one that I bought quite a number of years ago. I looked for the UK company I bought it from and couldn’t locate them, but did find some others and ordered a few nibs – the ones on the way are significantly cheaper than this one, as I remember it being pricey. Once all that comes in I’ll post another video with some recommendations if those nibs work well – this one seems to have some layers that it doesn’t look like the others have and I don’t know if that’ll be good or bad.

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Other nibs

Since I’m only just starting out with dip pens and the nib sets I had bought also a very long time ago, I don’t know what they all do and what marks they make, so I just played around and tested some out. The fancy “handle” I have needs some repair – the metal neck keeps falling off the stick part. LOL.

And then a brush

The handle of my dip pen also doesn’t fit down into the small bottle neck, so I decided to try out a brush instead – a Script Liner brush that I never use for anything else. Worked pretty nicely not only to stir up the duochrome but then to make doodled lines!


I’ll be turning the garden drawing into a class, it appears about a dozen folks on YouTube said they’d be interested. And given that my mortgage company needs me to pay them for some reason, I’ll take a dozen  🙂 I’m also in progress on two ink and wash courses, so hang tight for those too – they’ve been waiting for my voice to return!


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  1. Ferris Wheel Press:
    1. Ultra Marina Acrylic Ink 
    2. Unfettered Flight Ink 
    3. Unfettered Flight Fountain Pen 
  2. StonehengeBlack Watercolor Paper 
  3. Silver Black Velvet script liner brush 
  4. I don’t have brand/size info on other pens used


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