I’ve got a super quick post with a heads-up presale today! No major new tutorial video but there’s a short that might be of help:

CCC release: Anita Jeram’s latest

Amy and Adrienne sent me some of the new release to color up; there are more stamps in the release, I just didn’t have time! Later in this post are the stamp pics if you want to see what the sentiments are in the sets. And, of course, to see what it started out as before I did my implied-line coloring! Plus a bit about supplies—and a giveaway from them – and me!

Preorder sale, 4 days only

Colorado Craft Company is hosting a PREorder of the new Valentines right now. Here’s the deal:
Pre-sale for 4 days only. Shop from the release for those 4 days only until the stamps and dies are fully stocked in two-ish weeks. At the end of the four days the items will be removed from the website until they are in stock.
Pre-orders get free shipping (or international shipping of $12) — all 4 days. You’ll receive your order in 1-2 weeks.
If you wait until everything’s in stock in 2 weeks, you cover your own shipping. 

While you’re visiting my blog…

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Tap on any image to go straight to their shop!

The supplies

A couple common questions I get when posting colored pencil work:

Favorite paper for pencil coloring? Stonehenge.

How do you get those long points? With an Afmat Long Point Pencil Sharpener

Preferred colored pencils? My go to of late are Prismacolor pencils.

What’s in the gamsol jar? Gamsol. tongue-out  Gamsol is a blending solution and I put it in a small jar with a lid, soaking a cotton ball, so it won’t spill. Because I am a klutz.

Why don’t the black stamp lines show in your art? I like to do “implied line” (sometimes called no-line in crafting) artwork. I stamp the images with a light ink, then color right up to that edge so the lines disappear. I have plenty of freedom to change things up – like with the trees in the short video, they can be any shape since the pencil covers the lines.


A drawing with several blending techniques 

The pencil sharpener

Tomorrow – my palette and yours!

My video coming out tomorrow is about curating your own watercolor palette. I’ll show you what’s in mine, with all it’s scary changes for 2024, and maybe convince you that YOU also need to curate your own! Bookmark the blog or wait for the newsletter in the morning. OR if you’re an IG addict, go to my page and join my free “Create every day” broadcast channel – basically a giant DM where I can drop links to my tutorials etc!

The giveaway!

As always CCC is giving away some goodies:

CCC will give away one free clear stamp set to one of my commenters!
If you use any of my affiliate links on this post to make a purchase, you will be entered to win the entire release!
Comment up until Midnight (ET) Jan 22nd.
CCC will announce the winners Jan 24th on their blog.

I am ALSO giving away the sheet of colored stamped images!! You can cut them up and make cards, stick it in a reference book, whatever you like. I’ll announce my winner in my post on Tuesday the 25th.

To qualify to win

Leave a comment and tell me who YOUR valentine is. (And it’s totally ok if it’s your grandchild or pet!!)


The bloghop:

Sandy Allnock <—that’s me, last but never least!


  1. Jeanne Rice

    Love your drawings and videos. Just gorgeous! Love the inspiration.

  2. Barbara

    I love your tutorials especially your colored pencil tutorial. Thanks for sharing

  3. Dora B

    I learn something new every time I watch you color. I too am a klutz so I am going to start using a cotton ball in the gamsol. CCC and Anita Jeram have a winner this release; I especially like the elongated bunnies. My fav Valentine is my sister.

  4. Christine E

    As per usual, Sandy, your coloring is incredible! LOVE THESE!
    My Valentines… my husband and my 21 year old Appaloosa gelding (aka my baby).

  5. Ms. Tamp

    Nice color share for the sets and added details!

  6. Denise Bryant

    Hard to decide on a favorite, but the foxes have my heart!

  7. Susan Windish

    Everything you color is always so beautiful! I have learned so much from you! I love the tall bunnies and panda in this collection.

  8. Katherine Herbert

    Great coloring 🙂 My valentine is my hubby of 34 years 🙂

  9. Lynn Chan

    Amazing colouring!! Haha my valentine is my hubby! But my cute little nieces are also my loves!

  10. Marjolein verleg

    Ohhh this is so amazing! I love this brand so much and your Coloring, oh my, so stunning!
    Love from The Netherlands,

  11. Marsha Fante

    Love your brilliant videos. Long day – in hosp with my Valentine hub alll day. Well, he’s still there, so my 10 hours was a drop in that bucket-eh? Lol. Thanks for th chance to win a dot of your fab art or A. Jeram’s stamps. Love them both.

  12. Barb McCarthy

    You and those pencils! M A G I C!!!

    • Jennifer

      Beautiful coloring! You always put so much life into the images. My valentine is my wonderful hubby of 30 years.

  13. Dee Earnshaw

    OMG Sandy – you never fail to impress with your talent for coloring – so inspiring. My Valentine is my darling husband – he makes everyday special

  14. Regina Harris

    My favorite valentine’s day is my husband who proposed on Valentine’s many years ago. I also am plannning to try your implied line artwork to try and improve my coloring techniques.

  15. KimberlyO

    Amazing!!! I really need to work on the “no line” technique. I think I have ALL the supplies for every technique, it’s just a matter of attempting them. My favorite image is the two bunnies holding hands and walking away.

  16. Debbie

    These cruiser stamps are adorable. Great tips learned watching you colour with pencils as that is my preference also. Hubby is my Valentine because he supports my crafting.

    • Debbie

      I meant critters stamps not cruiser…lol

  17. Kim U

    I love how your coloring makes these adorable images come to life!
    My husband is my Valentine-we just celebrated our 41st anniversary!

  18. Patti

    My Valentine is my BFF. We’ve been sisterfriends for half a century!


    My hubby is my Valentine, of course! 30 years in April. 😉
    Always love your beautiful coloring – I would frame each image
    to display them for myself (I know, selfish!! But I would never
    be able to part with them!!). <3

  20. S. M.

    Amazing colouring – you really bring the wee critter to life!

  21. Geri S

    Your coloring is amazing as usual and the CCC new release is amazing too! Wish I had them all!

  22. Kelly Joehrs

    Your coloring amazes me so much!!! I love it! My Valentine is my husband of 36 years

  23. Jeanne Rice

    Ok, my valentine is my dog. She is a sweetie.

  24. Jen Bakos

    My Valentine is my husband! He’s a good guy.

  25. Tami R

    My Valentine is my husband. I love your artwork!!

  26. Margery C

    I always love your coloring and it’s a bonus when it’s Anita Jeram’s cute designs. I love the panda.

  27. Virginia Ellison

    My Valentine is my husband, David. Your coloring is amazing Sandy….

  28. Gina Piazza

    Well my husband is, but also both my furbabies!

  29. Kathleen Stadler

    I love the way you formatted these scenes. Such beautiful, rich colors enhance Anita Jeram’s adorable characters! Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  30. Lauryne Cunningham

    Your pencil coloring amazes me! Love all of your creations!

  31. Carol Saunders

    Your colouring always amazes me, Sandy! These are such adorable critters .

  32. Sylvia Leybourne Meredith

    You always do such an amazing coloring job! So jelly! 🙂 My valentine is my hubby Dave.

  33. Cari Scharping

    Wonderful coloring. My husband (after my four dogs of course) 🙂

  34. Izzy Scrap

    Always in awe with your amazing colouring ! Your videos are so instructive.You really make me want to buy this new release. And no surprise, my Valentine is my hubby !

  35. Dorothy Ayotte

    I really like the look of your Implied coloring and coloring with pencils. Such a fun, children’s book illustrated look. The stamps are darling this release (and every release for that matter LOL)

  36. Char

    My favorite valentine is our magnum opus, our daughter Lisa.

  37. Marisela Delgado

    My favorite Valentine was and is my little boy, my Beagle, Monster. My sweet little boy.

  38. Helen F

    This new release from CC are so super sweet! I love your wonderful colouring to the images come to life! I’m always in awe as I watch you colouring! Thanks so much for the great inspiration! 🙂

  39. Bob Wendt

    Just wanted to tell you thank you for all the great works. Favorite valentine is Phyllis!

  40. Phyllis J Wendt

    I forgot to tell you my favorite valentine is Bob

  41. Phyllis

    You are amazing. Your characters are wonderful, your videos are so educational, and I love them.

  42. Darci Powers

    The new images are adorns, but it’s what YOU do to them, no matter the medium, comics or pencil or watercolor, you bring them to life and I have learned so much from watching your coloring, which I so enjoy!!!! My valentine is my BFF- to love & be loved, it’s an amazing thing!!!!


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