A little short! (and a couple longs)

Heya friends! I’m excited about some fun little things I’m learning – I’m such a techy nerd sometimes! I’d been watching Reels (Instagram) and Shorts (YouTube) starting to pop up, and finally did some research on what they are, how to upload and tag them, etc. Kinda crazy stuff, but they’re a quick way to reach out to new folks. The social media sites are prioritizing those short videos for “discovery” (when they go out and find people to suggest your content to)…and with it getting harder and harder to grow an audience, I figured I’d get on the bandwagon.

So today – my first little short is up on YouTube, a little fun video to remind folks about tomorrow’s livestream. I’ve been getting lots of cards in the mail and can’t wait to show you! There’s an even shorter version of this for a Reel on Instagram:

And ya know what? When you see Shorts or Reels by creators you follow, do them a favor and interact with it. Depending on the platform or device, there could be hearts to click or bookmarks to check, comments to make, or friends to share it with in messages. The more you do that stuff, the more the platform starts to share that creator with other people. So you can help your favorite artists survive by sharing what they do!

What are “a couple longs”? Two livestreams!

  • Patrons investing $10/month or more get a Friday night livestream with me and Copic sketchbooks!
  • EVERYONE gets to come to my birthday party tomorrow – 11am Pacific time. My family is doing a zoom brunch at 9 so I’m hoping I won’t arrive frantic on YouTube – LOL!