It’s Friday – and still pandemic season….so it’s time for another totally random vlog! It’s hard to even know what to title these things – but hopefully they’re crazy enough that a few folks will take a peek…like you! Thanks for visiting, it means a lot in this slow blogworld we’re living in!

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I wanted to make some cards with the new Purple Onion stamps for this release – and also worked with some new MFT stamps by the same artist, Stacey Yacula! She has such a sweet and distinctive style.

View on YouTube.

First – thank yous!

All kinds of little gifts to be grateful for….a wallet from Lisa, a Tomoe River notebook from Sharon, an accordion sketchbook from an anonymous giver, and a sweet yellow Chico bag from someone whose card got separated from the bag so I’ve been unable to say thanks. So thank you to everyone who sends cards and treats – you’re too sweet!

Purple Onion release

The release is today! I don’t have an exact link while writing this but here’s the “NEW STAMPS” category where I’m sure they’ll appear! I colored up this card with Copics….

Here’s one in colored pencil….

And the SIX HOUR card! I sat on the sofa watching movies with my pencils…and this is what happened. SO FUN! It might never leave the house though….ha!

Testing papers

This is the cream paper, with MFT’s

If you want to get graphite to stay put, fixatif (fixative) sprays can help; there are some that are light – meaning they’re more workable so you can spray it while working and overdraw parts as you go….and then there are heavy ones that you can’t work on more once finished. I use a light coat of Delacroix by Sennelier.


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