Bird Feeder Shaker Card (zig clean color markers)

Bird Feeder Shaker Card (zig clean color markers)

This little birdie set got me especially excited to color and well – I wanted to feed them, because filling the feeder made me feel like perhaps spring IS on the way!?!? A late snow this year is causing me to neeeed some spring cheer!

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I colored the birds in Zig clean color pens….(for the previous post about birds – click HERE.)

And the shaker is a homemade kind – just cut a rectangle, trimming carefully around the bird beaks with a fingertip knife. Alternately you could add the birds on and diecut them.

The sweet little flowers and butterflies in this sequin set are perfect for a feeder! And the feeder is simple to draw. A flat top and bottom, and a round lid and string. Easy peasy!


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Inspiration: 16+ Bird Card Tutorials

Inspiration: 16+ Bird Card Tutorials

This week is a rather “tweet” collection – all birds! Some cutesie, some realistic, some transformed! Lots of mediums here too – pick one and go try it with some bird stamps you have!

Click on any photo to see the blog post with tutorial.

Inks for no line coloring (3 mediums)

Watercoloring in yellow only?

Wintry birds in round shaker tags

Customize a bird stamp I

Customize a bird stamp II

Analagous coloring – Prismacolor pencil

Crazy birds craft together

Bird Crazy Comic Strip

Distress inks or Copic?

How to Color Peacocks, Flamingos, Hummingbirds

Easy colored pencil shading

Coloring an owl in a beanie

Don’t sweat the small stuff

24 Tags of Christmas 2015: Zentangle Birds

Coloring Housemouse Critters – Copic, Airbrush, and Pencil

Bird feeder shaker card


Inspiration: 20 Watercolor Marker Tutorials

Inspiration: 20 Watercolor Marker Tutorials

Water-based markers are everywhere -a bazillion brands! And they can do so much. Below are a whole bunch of ideas for you – mostly Zig Clean Color and Tombow, but a few others at the end of the list!

Click on any photo to go to the post with video tutorial!

Zig Clean Color Real Brush Markers

Zig Clean Color Blending – Watercolor Hibiscus

Combine Zig Clean Color Pens + Daniel Smith Watercolor

Mixing Skintones with Zig Clean Color Pens

Ballerina Recital in Zig Clean Color Markers #thehumanrainbow

Bird Feeder Shaker Card (zig clean color markers)

Creating Sea Foam (Clean Color Pens)

Gumball Shaker Card + 7 tips for Clean Color Pens

Artists’ Coloring Books + Free Clean Color Pen Labels

Watercoloring flowers with Clean Color pens

Wet on wet stamping – Clean Color markers

Interactive Woven Tab Card (Zig Clean Color Pens)

Zig Clean Color Pens on Letterpress Paper

Making your Zig Clean Color Markers last just a little longer

Rainy Get Well Cards in Zig Clean Color Markers

Interactive Art Studio Card

Art & Graphic Twin Markers

Related to Zigs in color and behavior but with a plastic brush nib.

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Make a Set of Hummingbird Thank You Cards – Tombow markers

Precoloring Stamped Images with Tombow Dual Brush Markers

Faux Watercolor Hand Lettering

Altenew Watercolor Brush Markers

Stamped watercolor flower bouquets in glass vases

Inspiration: 38+ Ellen Hutson Card Tutorials

Inspiration: 38+ Ellen Hutson Card Tutorials

This post contains ALL of the Ellen Hutson tutorials I’ve created – it’s alot! Mediums are mixed but themes are separated into:

  • Misc
  • Flowers
  • Leading Ladies
  • Critters

Click on the photo to go to the blog post with supply list and video!


8 Creative Felt Ornaments

Make a Gingerbread House Treat Box


Color Glazing with Mondo Holly

Painting with Thirsty Brushes -Mondo Hydrangea

Copic Coloring a white flower

Copic Bokeh Background, Mondo Sakura

Watercolor Bokeh Background

The stamp here is now unavailable. So I offer it as a Mondo Sakura idea!

Rainbow flower, Mondo Magnolia

Copic Coloring White Flower, Mondo Gerbera Daisy

Distress Oxide Thistle Wreath

Easy watercolor succulent

Copic Amaryllis tags

Watercolor Pencil Amaryllis

Squeeze the Day – color a lemon tree

Watercolor Mondo Pansy

Copic Flowers – You Should Know

ELLEN’S PEOPLE (Leading Ladies)

Voices in my head (oh so very 2020!)

Checking the weather (Kwanzaa card)

Making DIY Patterned Paper, Plant Lady

Interactive Magical Baker Card

Four Legged Rainbow – Cat Lady, Dog Lady

City Lady in Flower Shop

Holiday Shopper Lady Background

Star Wars Binge-Watching Lady

Front and back stamping

Photo Lady in her Photo Studio

Everyday Hero “Gift Card” card

Sandy Allnock Everyday Hero card


Watercolor Arctic pals…Penguin bear shepherds

Easy underwater backgrounds

Frozen Copic blizzard

Peekabook Submarine Card

Watercolor Underwater Otters

Sea Foam with Clean Color Pens

Make a Circus Scene with Distress Oxide inks

Galaxy Sky in Tonic Shimmer Powders

Playing with Color – mixing off-primaries in watercolor

Bird Feeder Shaker Card, Zig Clean Color Pens

Two Ways with Stamps – Halloween and Christmas

Copic Coloring Diecuts