In today’s crazy project I’ll be making 8 creative felt ornaments…and showing you the “collections” of felt now offered at Ellen Hutson!

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First…watch the video, then scroll for the felt and floss collections, then the ornament pictures with the lists of what was used!

And yes I did go hang up my little ornaments in my pine tree but…it was more than a bit rainy that day! You should have seen me once I came back in… My pics of the individual ones inside the studio came out lots clearer.

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Felt and floss collections

Since I hadn’t any other felt, I thought I’d dive in by getting the sets – and I spent an inordinate amount of time taking careful photos of them and matching up the floss with the felt, and labeling colors – that way if I need another sheet of a color I already had, I have a reference to go find it again! In the video I show a comparison of groupings of colors – all the greens in these sets, etcetera. Note that these collections don’t contain ALL the colors – that was more than my brain could handle, but maybe someday I’ll pick up some individual colors!

The ornaments!

See the instructions below each one. Most are sewn with 3 strands of the DMC thread. The liquid glue I used on occasion was THIS one – it’s possibly a couple bucks cheaper at your local fabric store than I found online.

The above ornament ornament (ha) is a die set made to be a sewable die – it has holes all around it to follow along. I cut the ornament from Christmas Red, which is super close to Ruby, then grabbed the Mondo Holly die to cut the large leaf from Moss felt and cut it in half; the “boring” half was manually cut with more detail. Then I added a pine die from Mistletoe and Holly and cut that one from Avocado and then berries from Mondo Holly. The topper is a bow from Lawn Fawn cut from Winter White felt!

For the otter ornament, I pulled out the very old Folk Hearts die and cut it from Mint Julep (a super pale green). Then I grabbed both Otterly Awesome and Otter Ware …The felts are Cement and Dark Tinsel (hand cut snout) for the otter, Ahi heart, Avocado wreath. The only sewn part is the heart; everything else is glued, and I used stickles and liquid pearls to embellish.

This one is tiny but packed with fun! I started with the Space Out die – cutting twice from Dark Tinsel and once from Christmas Red. I trimmed stripes from the red and glued them on, and the rocket’s window is cut from Light Tinsel and Winter White. The fire is Tangerine.

The Hard Candy Christmas die set was tailor made for a felt project! The base shapes are Opal, the “lid” is Winter White (bottom edge hand cut). Candies are Winter White, Christmas Red, and Moss, with Christmas Red and Gold stickles. Candies are glued on.

A Christmas Submarine is made with the Subbing In die, cut twice from Dark Tinsel and once from Winter White felt (handcut to look like snow). To attach the dangling fish, I glued layers of the fish dies together with the thread between them. Colors are Lime and Caribbean. Holly leaves are from the Snowman set (below). Stickles decorates the windows.

The Sew Cute Snowman is made to be sewn, and has the holes around it to follow. I made the arms (Espresso) fold in to hold the Ruby heart from the Sew Cute Bear (below). Winter White snowman wears a Charcoal hat.

Popup Mittens needed to be a teensy ornament in English Rose and Winter White ! I used a scallop die to make a strip that I hand cut to fit. This could be cute in a stocking too, just don’t stuff it and leave the top open.

Last but not least Sew Cute Bear! He’s made in Charcoal and Camel felts; I hand cut his belly and snout. Googlie eyes and black nuvo drops for a nose and stickles for a mouth finish him off.