When the good folks at Daniel Smith sent me their first 22 colors of gouache, that package was met with an “Oh no, another medium, I don’t need to get into another medium!”

Granted, I was grateful! Being an Ambassador is a blessing, getting some free product is awesome. But I went into gouache quite resistantly. But found that I actually love it.

I’m in an oil painting school where I’m using their techniques for gouache, and learning a ton! I’m filling sketchbooks. Selling some of my paintings. I mean, it’s going well!

And then a HUGE box arrived before Christmas last year. I left it unopened under my tree, and even stuck a bow on it—my family had decided to not exchange gifts, so this was going to be my Christmas present.

Receiving lovely goodie boxes like this is not something I take for granted. I am blessed!

But please also know that if Daniel Smith made terrible products, I would NOT be promoting the company. I’m just not that person. There are even some colors (I’m looking at you Quin Magenta) whose gouache versions are, to say the least, a challenge to paint with. And some watercolors are hues make me go hmm. I don’t gush over everything like some ‘influencers’ do in order to get you to buy something. (As a matter of fact, I’m not sure you NEED the gouache colors I’m sharing here. I don’t even know what *I* like  yet!)

I’d be using DS paints whether I was an Ambassador or not. It doesn’t mean there aren’t decent companies who make decent paints! I just find Daniel Smith supplies to be oh so consistent in their quality.

And with that…let’s get on to looking at the 52 new gouache colors to add to the 22 originals!

The tutorial

I’ll show how I swatched these, tested a few, and go through them; I’d say the colors are perhaps more accurate in the video then some of the photos below – it was soooo hard to get them at the right intensity and value in photos.

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Swatches of 74 Daniel Smith Gouache colors!

Oh my goodness was this biting off more than I could chew….I did attempt to color correct as best I could, but please remember you see things through your own monitor’s calibration, which has gone through the internet as well as my monitor’s calibratoin. And some colors just get trashed when sent into RGB mode! But it’s better than nothing, right? 🙂

These are grouped by color. Ish. (Some straddle groups or can belong in more than one) Tap on any photo to go snag a tube if you need one….or do a search for the color name you’re looking for in the alphabetical text list below in this post.

Testing sketch: Poppy

Colors for the flower are Cad Medium Orange Hue, Red Medium Orange Hue, Carmine, plus Titanium White. Center is Moonglow plus Titanium White

Testing sketch: Teapot

Colors for the teapot: Iridescent Gold, Iridescent Aztec Gold, Iridescent Copper, Van Dyck Brown. Plus White.

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Testing sketch: Horse

Colors for the horse are Raw Umber, Yellow Iron Oxide, Brown Iron Oxide, and Raw Umber. Mane is Titanium White and Buff Titanium with a tiny bit of the other colors.

Testing sketch: Fruit

Colors are Lemon Yellow, Indian Yellow, Phthalo Blue Green Shade, Titanium White.

Alphabetical list of the colors

Daniel Smith Gouache colors (all)


These colors were provided by Daniel Smith for my review and use. Compensated affiliate links are here at no cost to you. I appreciate your support of my work with your purchases! Full affiliate and product disclosure | My trusted partners in art


Congratulations to Phyllis Wendt for winning the giveaway of my colored stamped page! Email me with your address and I’ll drop it in the mail to you!

Your color suggestions?

Are there colors here that intrigued you but they look too close to something else? Side by sides you want to see? A pairing you want to see mixed? Let me know, I’ll be doing some painting coming up and would love to know what YOU want to know!


  1. Jenn

    So helpful, thank you so much for your efforts in swatching the new colors!

  2. Bo Gilmore

    Congratulation Phyllis Wendt. I am so excited for you. CCC is my favorite company. The combination of Anita Jeram’s adorable critters and Sandy’s talent, you have a real treasure.


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