There are plenty more than 5 ways to apply Inktense Pencils – but it’s possible some folks don’t know these five, so we’re going for it today with one of the new release sets called “My Otter Half” by Sunny Studio Stamps…..let’s do this!

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It feels like it’s been forever since I got out my Inktense pencils…they really are lots of fun, and very intense in color! Though my first attempt at this card was a tragic wreck; I tried doing the waves in the water, then going over it with a wash, and all the color melted unevenly – thus reminding me that inktense are not as permanent as people try to say! Anyway – I backed off and figured out a better way to do the water anyway, so without further ado….the video:

The Inktense colors selected……I picked the Amber especially because I knew it’d likely be too yellow, and too close to the tan, forcing me to have an excuse to mix colors to show you how. (I use these pages to store my swatches.)

My little tea strainer has lasted me quite a long time! I do keep the handle of it even though I don’t need it – that way this gets stored in a pencil cup where I can find it. Can you fathom looking for the little top grater portion?

New twine I just picked up – I had a spool of off white twine that had lasted me ages and I needed something new for when a card needs just a little something – I went for the kraft this time.

I used dark brown cardstock for a layer, then popped both up on dimensional adhesive.


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