Do you like to draw animals? Or would you like to learn? You’re in the right place – because I have 5 drawing tips to share to help you make your animals a bit cuter!

(Patrons get to see a video with the backstory of my possum trauma…hope no one has nightmares, lol!)


Tutorial: 5 drawing tips to add cuteness to an animal

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

5 drawing tips to make animals cuter

  1. Exaggerate features like the size of eyes, noses, ears. 
  2. Add accessories – they can be hats, scarves and sweaters, but also holding an object like a flower or cup of tea.
  3. Hide the ugliest bits behind something, or position the animal so that part is less prominent.
  4. Make it cuddle-able by making the fur look a bit softer, while not entirely losing the quality of the real fur.
  5. Pop a little color in some area; most animals are browns and greys so find an element to bring in strong color.

Is he cute now?

Let me know in a comment! lol…and what should I draw on the final page in this sketchbook?


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  1. Vicki Kroll

    Great cuteness tips and yes the opossum looks huggable and so very cute. Love watching you color.

  2. Lori Spitzer

    Your opossum definitely got cuter and cuter, Sandy! Great job!

  3. Gab

    Yes he’s adorable … and I have a challenge for you if you are willing – how about a making a Tasmanian Devil cute??


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