Rainbows! I’m not usually a use-all-the-colors-at-once kind of person; I try for balance in my art, not just that lovely cacophony of color. However – finding creative ways to cleanly use all the colors of the rainbow? I can totally be all over that!

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The Koala set from AI is a sweet one – koalas are just such a cuddly looking critter! Many of us refer to them incorrectly as bears, not marsupials! I’m not sure why we think “bears” are necessarily cuddly with all the big teeth and claws, but I digress. Perhaps it’s just that they look so soft and fuzzy!


In this card I use the rainbow of colors in three ways – in the coloring of the image, as well as two different border styles!

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My selection of rainbow colors

I recommend you make your own selection of blendable rainbow colors and make a little cheat sheet or card to tuck into your Copic bag or notebook – here are mine:

This card “feels” clean and simple – not only because of the white space, but the color balance on the image. There are some objects with plenty of color – but warms (reds, oranges, yellows) are segregated to the cups, and the cools (blues, greens) are in the streamers and confetti. Then all are unified in the rainbows around the borders.


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