Despite a stuffy nose….I bring you 3 Simple Ways to Finish Off A Winter Scene! (Don’t worry, I’m not badly sick, just stuffy!)

With the holiday season definitely underway – and me running short on time – I thought I’d knock out 6 cards at once, and try slightly different finishing techniques at the final stages. Hope it helps you create some really cute cards a little faster, too!

View on YouTube.

Aside from the simplest finish (no trees, just paint)….the sketchy trees take just a minute and some sketchy lines with a Sharpie marker.

Sketch less of the trees (just the portion of the trunk and a few bottom branches) and finish off the branches up higher with a white gel pen.

If you have a tiny bit more time, paint the background a bit dark, add the trees, then add snow on top! Consider ading a blue wash to nighttime snow – leaving just a little bit bright white.

If you’re really after a red hat – try stickles on top of the little bear’s black hat!


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