In last month’s Ellen Hutson release, one of the cards that got the most comments (I was surprised!) was my porthole card with the octopi (see it later in this post) – so I decided to show you how to make one like it, along with a couple other designs too. Three cards in one video!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

First – the older cards. Sometimes I forget that I post a lot more on social media and those cards don’t make it to my blog or YouTube so here are two! The card on the left is the inspiration for today’s post. The one on the right with the flying sub – too many people were shocked I hadn’t made a yellow submarine in THIS card, so…..well I had to do one! ha! Gotta love the sentiment from the Pure magic set too 🙂

In this first card in the video, I used a Gerda Steiner stamp set (yes it has SHARKS! I told you I have a thing for sharks!) since I had already made the one with the octopi from the Subbing In stamp set;

Secondly, the porthole set has little dies in it for starfish, corals, bubbles, etc, so I nested them together. A bit of a pain to reassemble when nesting them after intertwining, but the nice flat effect on the card is sure nice! Sentiment is from Subbing In .

Last but not least, the Subbing In octopus decided to peek his little head above water – because he NEEDED to stand out! ha! (Another from Pure Magic!)

FYI the lid is showing this well-loved inpad’s age. LOL. How long til the printing rubs off? Anyone have one in worse shape? Post yours on social media, I’d love to see if anyone loves on their ink pads more!


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