I’ve been hard at work on this year’s series — thank you to those who’ve been asking where it is! — and decided to put it in a different place this year – and make it even MORE fun!

Vlog: 24 Tags of Christmas 2022: Creative Holiday Tags Class!!

The news is all in the video!!

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Register for the tag giveaway!

You can take the Creative Holiday Tags class at full price if you want, but I might have to take your temperature. Ha!

If you’re already on the right email list, you got an email earlier this morning with the coupon code. Whether you take the class or not, you’re entered into the drawing to win a tag – good luck!!

If you didn’t get that email today telling you that you are on the list, then click HERE to go sign up for the list under “subscribe.” I only send out periodically from that list, so don’t worry – I won’t spam you!

By the way…

I wanted to see if I could make Monday’s technique work on cards, knowing that a lot of my followers won’t even look at my fine art if they can’t see how they can use it. (Spoiler alert: watch more fine art instead of crafting videos and you’ll start to do things no one in crafting has ever thought of doing before!) So I then tried it with two stamps: Snowman Kisses from Sunny Studio and Graham & Tristan from Purple Onion.

Are you a tag maker?

Do you make your gift tags? Or buy them? I flip back and forth, but most of the time I make mine. This year I think I might be ahead on things; my family is having an early-December Christmas celebration, and we’ll have a shopping day when we all get to the east coast. That way nobody has to ship or pay for baggage – it’ll be a crazy frantic time but I might just make tags so I feel like I put a little more into gifts! ha…..


  1. Marjorie E.

    I love making tags. Every year I make a ton of them and give most away to friends and family. It’s so much fun

  2. Diane

    I dream of making tags,matching them to the perfectly wrapped gift! Then reality hits, I am finishing up my shopping, making my cards and decorating! Oops, another year where I did not get to the tags! So hoping your inspiration will help me to create tags this year, not just dream about it.

  3. Laura Bourque-Kliethermes

    I usually make mine, I don’t get super creative, but I like them.

  4. Bunny Hoyle

    I make tags. I love making them. I only use a few. The rest I give away.

  5. Gab

    I love the idea of making my own tags but always leave it way too late and end up buying them!


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