It’s that time of year! I’ve been creating 24 tags, four per video in a series of six, for years now….today’s tags are a way to explore creating bricks – useful any time of year – in different ways!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it directly on YouTube.

Standard rectangular “bricks” are sometimes challenging when you have something in the middle of them…where do they stop and start? So it might be easiest to make these kinds when any visual interruptions are simple.

Mixing a blue like Cobalt with a Burnt Sienna makes a neutral – either a grey or a greyish brown depending on the mix. This kind of wall is fun to play around with how many neutrals you can make!

It’s a little easier to mix one color though – and it’s easier to keep the stone size a little more consistent. Don’t forget to warm up the pup by adding “glass” to the window! And let some snow show up on the top and bottom ledges of the window with some simple negative painting underneath them.


The tag giveaway is simple – just leave comments here on the blog, and for a second chance you can leave another on YouTube too! At the end of the series I’ll be picking winners – so comment by Sunday night and I’ll announce winners next Monday!


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