Welcome to the first of 6 videos in the 24 tags of Christmas series! I’m using pups – there always seems to be a pup stamp set in the series, doesn’t there/?? This time it’s MFT’s Deck the Howls, and I used the shaker pouches with them; you can also add shaker goodies inside but I just id some layered pieces to create little dioramas!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

This little pup was a little too tall with his antlers on his head – so he made it onto a card instead. Complete with trees and a chimney from his rooftop perch! Stay tuned all week for bonus cards here on the blog that didn’t get done in time to put into the videos.

This is the little Vienna pup….lookin’ all happy!

The wiener dog got a little more snow in the air….notice on these that I only put snow in the background behind the pups, where I normally add snow in front too. I left it off on these to be sure the pups were still the focus, but technically the snow should be all over!

I colored this one like lil G. Who adores the snow. He’s never happier than if it’s up to his neck!

Little grey pup got all wrapped up in the decorating!

Hope you liked these…they were fun to make! I’ll have to send them in little protected packages to the winners since they’re a half inch thick. 🙂

24 Tags of Christmas 2018

Each year I make 24 tags – and give them away in a random drawing! This year I’ll be trying things a little differently; in the past I picked 2 people from YT comments and 2 from blog comments….but I found a lot of the YT folks never came to find out they won, and I had no idea how to reach them in many cases. So…this year, it’s all about blog comments where I can at least reach out to winners! So leave comments on each blog post this week for the opportunity to be in the drawing!


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