This year, in many respects, has been pretty brutal. Just consider all the musicians, actors and actresses, icons of science and history who we’ve lost. We’ve been through a brutal electoral year, seen the world killing each other and Mother Nature wreaking havoc. I’ve had friends undergoing major medical issues, job problems, losses, and so much more. It’s enough to make you want to bubble wrap your favorite person to keep them safe from 2016!

In a year like this, it takes a special effort to really consider our blessings. It took me a while to ponder, that’s for sure…this past month having to replace my poor car, and having a really crazy cold – it took some effort to break through and consider all the amazing things that 2016 did bring. *See link list at the end of the post if you missed any of these things.

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So 2016, farewell.

You’ve been a pain in the drain. But you’ve had your moments of redemption, too. We’re truly ready to put you behind us, though, don’t take it personally. Bring on 2017, and let’s make it a good one. Big plans are afoot!