Welcome to day 2 of the 12 tags of Christmas! Each tag in the series is music-inspired, and today’s song…..Joy to the World! I looked for a unique version of the song to inspire me; there are tons that were practically dance versions which kinda didn’t seem right! Yes, the joy is something to celebrate, but I wasn’t in the mood for a dance party.

I didn’t know about Anthem Lights, but I’ll be checking out more of their music…this is traditional, meditative, and just lovely:

Wasn’t that pretty? It got me into that very traditional Christmas mood – which turned me toward thinking about making wreaths from pine boughs and holly and berries. I just did go pick some greens and made some wreaths and swags, so for my tag I went that direction.

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I pulled out Mondo Holly and started coloring…and ended up filling in the areas between the holly leaves. I used subtle, desaturated colors, and of course a little white pen for highlights on the berries!