Happy Monday! I know Mondays can be a downer sometimes, especially when not enough of the holiday prep got finished over the weekend. So today? I’m bringing you some CHEER!

I’ve created a new trailer video for my YouTube channel...this is what non-subscribers will see when they first click to my channel page, so I wanted to give them an overview of what I do. I picked out lots of my favorite videos and put lots of snippets in – and I also did some silly lip syncing! ha! More ‘BTS’ info if you read on in this post…but you can watch it below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.


Coloring book winners!

On Saturday I posted some coloring books that I had to give away….and Periscope followers got to see these scanned/printed pages colored…and had a chance to win one! (They’re both printed on Desert Storm.) I’ve emailed the winners, so if you think this is you, check your email!

  • Judaic books: Gavi and Wilma
  • Christian books: Natalie (QSOgirl) and Theresa
  • Drawings from the Periscope giveaway: Rosalie  (star of David) and Amy (city)

Behind the scenes

This isn’t a true BTS since it’s not a video, but I know some of you might be interested in what went into creating this kind of craziness!

My first step was choosing music. I’m inspired by music as I create, and I wanted something that would set the right “mood.” Upbeat, female vocals (most of the time I look for instrumentals, so having words was a treat!), and with an interesting chorus/verse/bridge combo. I get my music from Megatrax – I have a year-to-year license with them (it’s way crazy expensive for a license, but you can get a single piece at a semi-reasonable price). So the song in the video is NOT publicly available. You’ll just have to re-watch the video if you want to hear it again! ha 🙂

Next step was pulling together all the snippets I wanted. I keep a 30 second “snip” of each video I make (I wish I had started that sooner!) so it was pretty easy to import each one I wanted into the software I use, Final Cut Pro.

I wanted to do a little bit of lip syncing to interject, so people could see who I am – and how silly I am! – so I turned on the music and sang through the whole song a few times til I had a couple spots that weren’t horribly embarrassing. And also did the chatty section. I downloaded all of that to my computer and imported it as well.

In Final Cut Pro, there are multi tracks – so I set up a new video and began placing my “resources” into the timeline. I aligned my lipsync versions with the music file – that took a bit to get my lips to move at the right moment! ha! And when I successfully had it aligned, I deleted the bad parts and turned off volume on my singing, so all you hear is the music. (You’ll be glad you didn’t hear that!)

Then it was a matter of placing snips of each of the videos I wanted to show; I placed the 30 second snips and chopped them down to the section I wanted, and began to put everything in order. I added text that would show on each video so viewers would have an idea what the video is about. And added my end screen, and transitions in just a few spots.

Once it was all uploaded, the annotations had to be added – that took more time than expected! ha! As I did that, I figured since I had them all open, I’d add them to a big playlist while I was working – that way one of the “cards” can just link to the playlist, since there are only five cards allowed – cards are those little “i” icons that appear during videos, and you can click on them for more. But in case you missed it while watching the video – the playlist is HERE.

So that’s a quick process description…I put a lot of work in this because this will be the introduction on my channel for a while. Well, til next year I have a ton more amazing videos I want to link to! ha! We’ll see how long til I get antsy to change it up again. 🙂