This is possibly the most random post ever. I’m going to blame it on having taken a little spill this week – fortunately I’m okay…just banged up! I have bandages on the “heels” of both hands and the thumb of one, both knees…and my head is fortunately hard enough to have avoided a concussion…but the randomness of this post might attempt to convince you otherwise. LOL! But on a good note…there’s probably something here for everyone, right? Let’s get to it!

World Watercolor month is HERE! All kinds of watercolor fun!! I’ve been working on LOTS of special things for you guys throughout July. I have 13 videos scheduled – they’re either watercolor, coloring water (in other mediums), and 2 are water in its other “forms”! Be sure to follow along, it’s going to be a blast! PLUS I’m going to hopefully have 1 minute speed painting videos on Instagram and Facebook all month…if you know people who just love to be mesmerized by water and pigment moving, please feel free to share my accounts with your friends. It’s a lot of work to do, and I’d love to inspire lots of folks with them!

World Watercolor Month is housed over at Doodle Wash….please do join in with them and use #worldwatercolormonth for tagging your work and seeing what others paint. While following daily prompts is NOT required, nor is it necessary to keep up daily…prompts are provided because sometimes they’re just helpful!  Here are Doodle Wash’s prompts for daily painting:

My alternate prompts: Some of these above may not lend themselves well to Bible journaling and cardmaking; some lend themselves to full paintings and maybe not what we might do in our little watercolor world. So I came up with another list that I’m using, with words that can be interpreted lots of ways…think of them as nouns, verbs, and alternate meanings in different contexts. I’ll be adding a second hashtag to DoodleWash’s #worldwatercolormonth by using #wwcm2018 – read on about prizes below!

World Watercolor Month Prizes

For every 50 World Watercolor Month uploads using my #wwcm2018 hashtag on Instagram and Facebook, I’ll be giving away a class of the randomly dran winner’s choice…winners will be announced early in August!

World Watercolor Month Sale

To celebrate World Watercolor Month, all my watercolor classes are on sale HERE for 2 weeks- PLUS there’s a brand new intermediate Copic class called Underwater Scenes (coloring water in stead of watercoloring!) that is open today!


  1. The site is only allowing one class at a time in your cart, so you need to do multiple transactions for multiple classes. Sorry! I can’t get that fixed yet.
  2. If you get gibberish html when logging in, that’s the website’s poor way of saying, “I’m sorry, that was the wrong password or user name.” You can try again, reset your pw, and if the email gets lost in your spam, email me and I can change it for you.
  3. For some reason the latest webstore update from last night is requiring me to manually approve the processing of payments to make the classes accessible. I’ll be checking in often, but please be patient. Not at all sure why it’s doing that all of a sudden. Wahhh!

Stamping for Families Winners!

In the Stamping for Families bloghop last weekend, I offered up two prizes of a free class – one to a commenter, one to a participant…email me with which class you want!

  1. Commenter Amelialesley!
  2. Participant Kirsty!

Bible Journaling Video

And, lest there not be enough random content in this post….this week’s Bible journaling video…of course in watercolor! If you aren’t subscribed to my Bible journaling channel and would like to receive those videos each week, be sure to click on the YT logo in the corner to head over and subscribe! Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Okay. I think I’m done. LOL! Happy July!