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World Watercolor Month #2: Hobbit Neighborhood Card


Hobbit Neighborhood Card

It’s time for a card I had an idea for the very first time I saw this stamp set! First off, I’m a bigtime LOTR fan girl. Hobbit houses made me gleeful! But after making my earlier video showing the whole release and making bookmarks, But it was about TIME that I get to that idea! I wanted both of the little houses next to each other in the Shire, so I can think of them as little neighbors….and thus,  you have today’s card! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

If you’re an AI fan and wanted to take an AI class….hint hint….what kind of stamps would you want to see used? Just asking for a friend, ya know. 

Here are the Tombow colors I used:



Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

14 thoughts on “World Watercolor Month #2: Hobbit Neighborhood Card

  1. so amazing watching this all come together 🙂

  2. Never heard of hobbit doors before but if that’s them then oh my there cute. Beautiful picture today x
    Oh happy independence day x

  3. I love this watercolour Sandy, by the end of July I am going to be an expert at watercolour well an expert at watching an expert watercolouring! LOL

  4. Your video was very helpful. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  5. Oh this is just so pretty!

  6. This is so great including your teaching while your colouring, so much good tips! Seeing this I want to try something like it. I have little stamps with grasses and little flowers, I have waterbased markers so I am going to jump in to the deep ( together with your videoLOL)
    Thank you Sandy for this gorgeous piece of art and Happy 4th of Juli!

    ps. I also brook almost every stamp set up and store them by category and it works great. I also have the images on my computer in the same catrgories and with brand name , so I can find a stamp in no time.

  7. I have never seen an AI Watercolor stamp I didn’t like! So I don’t have a specific request, other than I really hope I see this class offering come to fruition :). Your card today is amazing! As always, your attention to detail, and sharing your thoughts as you go, enhance the value of your videos. Thank you for sharing your abundant talent.

  8. I love these little hobbit houses! With a last name like Shireman, you can imagine how much my son has always wanted to live in a hobbit house in the Shire. So, I need to purchase this set to add to my growing collection of AI stamps. For future AI classes, I would like to see you use the wishing well in a scene with lots of flowers around it. I bought the well, but haven’t played with it yet.

  9. sweet hobbit homes! Thanks for the video!

  10. Just beautiful, Sandy… and filled with so much watercolor wisdom, too! Heartfelt thanks! You introduced me to Art Impressions Watercolors so long ago. Over the years, my collection of these tiny gems has grown and grown. I’ve always dreamed of creating a watercolor stamped Herb Garden, just like the one in my Midwest garden. I grow culinary herbs and herbs for ‘tea’ in a white, picket fence garden. It’s really charming… and I’d love to use my stamps to create an Herb Garden on paper, too! In my kitchen, I hang bundles of herbs to dry. So, of course, I want to use my stamps to create bundles of herbs! Another wish: Could you show us an easy way to watercolor simple American flags? Our Art Impressions containers overflowing with blossoms and foliage would look extra sweet with an American flag tucked in! Who better to ask for some tiny, watercolor flags than our OWH leader? Happy Independence Day, dear Sandy!

    1. That’s a sweet idea!

  11. This is SO cute! I love those Hobbit Doors with the rock walkways, and how you have surrounded them with greenery. I’m definitely an AI fan and would love to see you do the Tuscan Villa and Tuscan Village sets!

  12. I received the Hobbit Doors and some greenery a short time ago – my first AI watercolor stamps – and I’ve been waiting till the inspiration struck me to use them… Silly me. You just showed how to use them and let the inspiration come along where it may! Now I can hardly wait to have some coffee and start practicing – thank you!

  13. Love this, Sandy! In fact, I had so much fun watching the video and remembering Bilbo, Frodo and the others that I (almost) forgot to drink my coffee while it was still warm. 😉
    Thanks also for listing the Tombow colours. I think I want/need to add a few more greens and browns to my modest collection.

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