Hey friends – there’s no video today (I’ll be back tomorrow with a bloghop!) but I wanted to share a couple things. One is the painting above that I created on Veteran’s Day. It’s in watercolor, and it’s huge – I bit off more than I was ready to chew! I have a lot of practice to do in getting a large field to work out well; this had many layers of blue, and at one point I was trying to add fabric texture and changed my mind. Yeah, we live, we learn, right?

Also wanted to announce the 24 winners from the week’s tag giveaway! Please send me a note with your address. 🙂

  1. Jan Elmore
  2. Alyce Schwenn
  3. Ann Kulseth
  4. Cathy Homan
  5. Victoria Luna
  6. Heather Kennedy
  7. Kathy Thisted
  8. Clara Bennett
  9. Lesley Shroyer
  10. williamslynn
  11. Kathy LeDonne
  12. K Eddington
  13. Brandy Duncan
  14. whimsicalexpressions
  15. Anne Dixon
  16. Beth Ziemba
  17. CouzCat
  18. Lynn Atchley
  19. Jane McGill
  20. Laura J Zizzo
  21. Kimberli Sarsfield
  22. Gracie BeachBum13
  23. Cherri Bahe
  24. Olga Fink

And one last quick note – thank you to those sending encouraging messages this past week. Your words have meant so much, thank you! (And to the few sending discouraging messages: your mom would likely have advice for you if you have nothing good to say. Please don’t expect a reply. Let’s be kind to each other, ‘kay?)

Peace out…see ya tomorrow with a new video!