Oh me oh my, what a couple of epic weeks it has been! I’ve been working so hard on the My Virtual Studio class…and it was an ‘ouch’ to see my studio tour video with the class announcement go live early – I totally forgot to unschedule it for Friday. Ah well. Best laid plans right? I finally finished it late last night so you can sign up for it here:

The thing in the class that kicked my behind was an idea I had that never worked out in the long run; I had this amazing PDF full of supplies, color lists, etc, and it all had checkboxes – so you could (in my dreams) mark off the things you have, the things you want, and the things you don’t need. Then send off that PDF to santa so he has a checklist. Wellllllll technology ate me alive. After setting up the PDF with all that, it was way too many checkboxes and links for the poor PDF to handle!

Instead I ended up with the coolest little PDF display thingie that I found online at Flipsnacks! I may do a little book like this for some sketchbook flip-throughs too, it’s just plain swanky! If this little embedded one looks too tiny I think you can click the full screen mode – or use the button below to look at it on their website. I know you can enbiggan it over there!

Anyway, nowo let’s get to the winners and my lil vlog today:

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24 Tags of Christmas Winners!

I’ll be sending out one tag per person at random, so watch your mailbox! Well, after you email your mailing address to me least. LOL.

  1. Janis Pratt
  2. Marilyn Falcone
  3. Olive Moore
  4. Pam Jimmerson
  5. Joyce Erb
  6. Julianna Wallace
  7. Mary Webster
  8. Lesley Harris
  9. Penny Klie
  10. Meghan Kennihan
  11. Gini Koonce
  12. Annalisa Boccia
  13. Robyn Madden
  14. Sheri Kempke
  15. Janice Bryant
  16. Tammy Joyce
  17. Kristina Hein
  18. Chris Silva
  19. Donna Shelton
  20. Amy Corson
  21. Carol McCready
  22. Henriëtte Mulder 
  23. Patricia Honc
  24. Anna Laviani

100K giveaway winners!

I know, I know, I’m not at 100k quite yet. But the entries are closed, so I’ve randomly picked winners and will be sending out the goodies! Email your mailing address and I’ll send out your package of goodies!

Whether or not you’re on the randomly drawn names list below, I APPRECIATE YOU! I do need you to send me your blog, YT, or IG link or whatever you all would like to share in the video description. 🙂 I only got one or two so how about everyone re-email it to me?

  1. Carol Doggett
  2. Renee Moran
  3. Deborah Bryson
  4. Dorcas Troche
  5. Diana Mills
  6. Sherry Woods
  7. Tomi Anne Lessaris
  8. Marialuisa Sorrentino
  9. Cindy Roadman
  10. Reen Lee

Bible Journaling video for today….

While I’m in your inbox….I’ve got a little quilting going on over on my Bible journaling channel. A channel that is ready to cross 8k subs!

And for those who scrolled ALLLLLLL the way down here, a little news, I think: the AI watercolor classes should go live Dec 6th. Let’s keep our fingers crossed all the products get made in time so we don’t have to delay again! 🙂