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Winners and a SALE on classes! (updated 11/26)

Today’s little vlog

And I mean little – was kinda fun to put together. I was buried in computer work and decided to make these little announcements more fun than just me yammering. And I got to show off my “staff” for a split second too! It can be seen on YouTube or right below!

Winners: Send me an email through my contact form – tell me which giveaway you won in, and include your mailing address. Thanks!

Arkon Giveaways

In the October YT giveaway the winner never replied, so I picked TWO winners in the November giveaway.  Stay tuned on YT for one more Arkon giveaway in December!

  1. Gina Jodlowsky
  2. Tina Lewis

24 Tags of Christmas  – 24 winners

  1. andrea.hastilow
  2. Billie Anderson
  3. Denise Bryant
  4. Elin Stengrímssen
  5. Erna Taylor-Stark
  6. Eve Urbino
  7. Iris Dottery
  8. Jannis
  9. Jordan Sinclair
  10. Julie (the correct Julie has already emailed, thanks!)
  11. Kathy Mooneyham
  12. Lauren Butler
  13. Lori Ritchie
  14. Marina
  15. Melissa Friedrich
  16. Milene Tiberius
  17. Rebecca Commons
  18. sandra sciotto
  19. Sharon Hendricks
  20. Stephanie W
  21. Susan Montgomery
  22. Teresa Dougan
  23. Terri Scott
  24. Valentina Deker

Re-selected 75k winners!

My 75k giveaway left me with a bunch of packs of goodies – 10 winners never replied to my winner winner chicken dinner emails, so here are some new winners:

  1. Margaret Wise
  2. Bridget Cheetham
  3. Cathy Homan
  4. Kelly Kreuer
  5. Athena Hodgert
  6. Kris Budreau
  7. Susan Staats
  8. Mimi Johnson
  9. Rhonda Dixon
  10. Karen Haralson

And believe it or not, two of the gift certifcates weren’t claimed either, so here are new winners!

  • Mary Guikema – $75 gift certificate for Dick Blick
  • Judy Vernon – $75 gift certificate for Ellen Hutson

Society6 is updated – with fundraiser

Buy an item from Society6 (NEW ART uploaded!) with any of my wildlife art and I’ll donate my little commission to World Wildlife Fund to protect elephants, big cats, and endangered species. New wildlife art includes lion, owl, and elephant. AND…today prices in my shop are 25% off!

Black-Friday sales!

I’ve started a SALE page to collect all the crafty sales I find – and I’ve started populating it with MY favorite things, from stocking stuffers to my fave stamps for colorists, and mediums, and…yeah. It’s shopping time right? Bookmark THIS SALE PAGE and check in periodically to find out where the goodies are! Here’s one I already know about, and it’s already live:

Classes are on sale at!! No coupon needed, sale prices are marked. Sale continues through Cyber Tuesday, November 28, 2017.

PS Need more tag ideas? Click HERE and revisit tags from previous years!

27 thoughts on “Winners and a SALE on classes! (updated 11/26)

  1. Lovely incredible art!!! Just amazing!!! My husband loves Eagles…. So how about water coloring one? It’d be majestic!!! Thanks Sandy!!

  2. I’m your IG follower (@soalea17), regularly admiring your exquisite art. Wish you’d mentioned it on IG that you were having a giveaway. I would have entered & who knows won & claimed too. Don’t forget me when you’re re-selecting the second time. 😀

    1. Sorry, I mention it a lot on all platforms, but it’s primarily on this blog and more searchable, since other posts go away with time. I encourage everyone to come see the blog posts each time I have something new….so you don’t miss giveaways. 🙂

  3. congrats to all wnners!

  4. Congratulations to all of your lucky winners!

  5. Thank you Sandy.. I am doing the happy dance.. I get an awesome tag. Thanks.. I will find your email and get you my info.

  6. Sandy, thank you very much. You picked me as one of the 24 tag winners! I have sent you my information. Thanks again!

  7. Thank you, first time I’ve won. Happy Thanksgiving

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope the pups and you get some rest and lots of turkey!
    Congrats to all the winners. Love seeing all your great inspiration so I will be taking advantage of your art classes sale!!!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, Sandy.
    My vote for your next watercolor is a giraffe. I have a friend who collects giraffe art, and I could gift her a print.

  10. You are too funny sometimes! Love your staff, and your awesome giveaways & sales, and your big heart to donate to WWF. God Bless

  11. Oh I love how you say the doobliedoo, its so cute!!! 🙂 My suggestion for a wild life animal is to paint a family of “perritos de las praderas” on the top of a little hill, I believe they are Prairie dog in English. I love watching documentaries of them in the tv.

  12. Congratulations to all the winners . Thank you Sandy for what you do, you are awesome

  13. Congratulations to all your WINNERS!!

  14. Well, for once, my procrastination has paid off! I was intending to sign up for your Copic Jumpstart class and I just hadn’t gotten around to it but now I saved a few bucks!! Thanks for offering a sale!
    One question – I don’t have a printer at home currently. Can I access the stuff that needs printed out for class from a different computer so I can print from my printer at work?
    OK, 2 questions – It’s a laser printer, just prints black. Is laser printers OK for coloring with copics?
    Thanks so much for what you offer on your blog for free! I have picked up quite a few tips from you.

    1. You can download the files to take to print – if you photocopy the laser printed ones, that’s usually fine for copic coloring 🙂

  15. Nope not a winner but congrats to all of those who are…enjoy whatever you won…
    Sandy, would you consider doing an eagle print on your Society 6 ? Just wondering

  16. HA!!! Your “staff” cracked me up, Sandy!! Cutest staff I’ve ever seen! I figure your kitty, much like mine, is not a big helper 🙂 and of course, thank you so much for this giveaway! I’m VERY excited to receive one your tags!!!

  17. Wow! Congrats to all the LUCKY winners! I wish you Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  18. Congrats to all the winners! May all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  19. Congrat’s to ALL the winners !!! jealous of the tag winners, those all were so awesome Sandy, I really enjoyed that series watching you make those amazing tags and thanks for such great ideas. Was hoping to win some, but those who did, enjoy your prize from this talented artist!! Love ya Sandy and Have a Great Thanksgiving Everybody !!

  20. I’m soooo excited…I’ve won a tag…Just hope I went to the write place to give my info…can’t wait

  21. You are a kind and generous soul.

  22. Congratulations winners.Have a blessed day.

  23. What a wonderful little vlog.

  24. Would have liked to have seen more of your staff…. LOL They flashed by way to fast Sandy! LOL
    But I guess they are very busy this time of year…. LOL

  25. Thank you, Sandy for picking me as one of the 24 tag winners! Awesome, I can hardly wait to see which one I get. I sent my info, but wanted to thank you again. Happy Thanksgiving, by the way.

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