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Warm and cool greys, and a mad scientist video


Good eeeeeevuhning. (Said in my best Alfred. Which is not very good!)

Comparing Copic warm and cool greys

For today’s card, I wanted to compare warm and cool greys  in my Copic Markers. I picked one of my videos that’s gotten the most views…Coloring White with Copic Markers. Rather than doing just a white object, I did a little mad scientist who’s wearing a white jacket, and as I got started in the planning, it led to a study on all the different greys. If you can’t see the video below, click HERE to watch it directly on YouTube.

It really is quite amazing how different the warm and cool greys look when side by side. And how little difference there is between them if you’re NOT looking at them side by side!

Sandy Allnock Mad Scientist2
Sandy Allnock Mad Scientist3


So happy to have finally compared my warm and cool greys – now I have some idea why I want to use one or another!

19 thoughts on “Warm and cool greys, and a mad scientist video

  1. So I was cracking up at the end That scream lol and I think adding humor to videos adds some fun to learning the accent .. It is all about shading. Something I hope I get wat better at..great made scientist

  2. OMG! you are one talented colorer? colorist? whatever, you rock!

  3. Sandy! What an awesome card… But I am laughing just as hard at the fact that you call the foam tape “the precious”!!! Lol! I am dying!

  4. Sandy, you always rock the coloring! Love your style!

  5. Just AWESOME!! =) HANKS for sharing and have a Fabulous Week!! =)

  6. Great Video! Thanks for the copic instructions and how to block stamped images

  7. Well, that was just amazing!

  8. Your videos are full of information and are very entertaining. 🙂 Enjoyed learning about the different grays. Cute card. TFS

  9. Very cool! Thanks so much for showing us how the various greys really are different. This was a madly brilliant tutorial!

  10. Love the video and cute card.

  11. Thanks Sandy~ This was very helpful. Since I took the Copic Online card class I am now forever on the lookout for color combinations and more ways to do it! Can always count on you…

  12. This is going to be a great feature, and since you asked….can you go back and re-visit coloring a night scene? That’s one of my favorites. Glad to see you getting back into “a groove” and hope each day is getting a little better for you.

  13. I love this stamp from Paper Smooches, and looks great in grey. I use to colour the hair in green and I love it ’cause he seems more “crazy”.

  14. That’s such a fun card and the video is awesome.

  15. Watched this on your YT channel but wanted to leave you a comment here too. Great job as always. You’re the “COPIC DIVA”. I’m so glad that I took the Online Copic Card Class and found you there. I’m glad that I have the opportunity to read your Blog and learn. Thanks so very much for what you do. Have a great day. 🙂

  16. I think your idea of re-doing certain videos is brilliant. I also appreciate that you add wonderful touches to enhance the images like adding a gel pen or texture. I learn something new every time. Thanks.

  17. Great idea for a feature, Sandy! Love this fun card! So cool watching you use the grays! ♥

  18. …….Love the card and the idea of showing the most popular techniques again. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Is there anything you can’t do. Listen to that mad scientist voice. You made this guy look amazing.

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