Good eeeeeevuhning. (Said in my best Alfred. Which is not very good!)

Comparing Copic warm and cool greys

For today’s card, I wanted to compare warm and cool greys  in my Copic Markers. I picked one of my videos that’s gotten the most views…Coloring White with Copic Markers. Rather than doing just a white object, I did a little mad scientist who’s wearing a white jacket, and as I got started in the planning, it led to a study on all the different greys. If you can’t see the video below, click HERE to watch it directly on YouTube.

It really is quite amazing how different the warm and cool greys look when side by side. And how little difference there is between them if you’re NOT looking at them side by side!

Sandy Allnock Mad Scientist2
Sandy Allnock Mad Scientist3


So happy to have finally compared my warm and cool greys – now I have some idea why I want to use one or another!