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Crafty Girls – #wcmdwithsandy!

WCMD history lesson

World Cardmaking Day has a history that I was a part of….’back in the day’ on the now-defunct Two Peas site, some stampers and I hung out on the quiet little “Stamping” chat board. (It was also where OWH began.) We were a small but happy little bunch – and I’m thrilled to say I still count some of them among my friends! (Friends from the 2peas days – share your memories in comments, too! )

We used to put on our own online cardmaking events several times a year, since those promoted by the site were all for scrappers. We had cute names for them (we were so witty!) – and one of those events was World Cardmaking Day. It wasn’t an official day at the time – we just called it that and started promoting.

Each of our members would “host” a challenge, launched on a schedule throughout the day, sometimes one an hour! Folks would offer their own sample, their own ‘rules’ for what you had to do, and prizes from their own stash. We all blogged and posted to the gallery, visited each other, shared the love back and forth. It felt like crafting alongside others, but online! A few of the challenges we’d offer up in addition to the usual color/theme/product challenges:

  • Show your desk before/after WCMD! (hey let’s do that this weekend…post your before and after on Instagram with the hashtag #wcmdwithsandy!
  • Use an odd (or even) number of items on a card.
  • One guy offered odd challenges like “use nuts and bolts with cereal on a card.” Yeah we were off the charts!

After we’d done WCMD for 2 years we noticed…all of a sudden there was a website for “the day” and folks who “owned” it! ha. Well, that history is water under the bridge now, but I’m just glad the tradition lives on even if it was coopted, right?

Welcome to World Cardmaking Day, Crafty Girls! (and guys!)

When I saw this stamp, I just loved the idea behind it. They’re all sitting around coloring, and watching one of my videos! Yep, bet you didn’t know that was a laptop right there, playing one of my Copic playlists. Ha! Anyhoo – watch the video to see a pretty simple suggestion of a background for these ladies – you can do the soft shapes even without the dramatic lighting. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Does this look like you and your friends today? I’ll be having some crafty friends over to the studio. (And no, I won’t make them watch my videos. LOL!) If you need suggestions on who to craft with:

  1. Call a crafty girlfriend and invite her over for a little coloring or crafting fun. It needn’t be a full day, have her over for a quick cup of tea and color together!
  2. Invite a friend who’s never made a card, and help her make a CAS Christmas card. That’ll get her excited about joining our crazy hobby, right?
  3. Get your kiddos busy making cards! Have them create cards for an adult (not family) who makes them feel safe in this crazy world we’re in. Use it as a moment to remind them there are GOOD people out there – their teachers, principal, or policemen or firemen. Then make a plan to deliver the cards!


I’m posting videos every three hours to celebrate “our” holiday…celebrate with me by posting your creation inspired by one of these videos, and tagging #wcmdwithsandy on Instagram, Facebook, or link up your blog in a comment on one of today’s posts – I’ll be sending out ALL my halloween cards to randomly selected participants!


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

Crafty Sales – check back, I’ll add more if I find some!


23 thoughts on “Crafty Girls – #wcmdwithsandy!

  1. I had 8 guests to host this weekend that interfered with WCMD,but I loved getting caught up.

  2. Awe… You’re so sweet to share. Thank you. Hope you had a fabulous weekend! 🙂

  3. Sandy,

    I did create several cards this weekend, as well as watch your videos. But, every card I made is from parts and pieces I already had made and the cards were planned. So, as much as I would love to participate, I can’t do it this time. Thank you somuch for the fun videos! I just wanted to tell you this was my favorite of all of the cards. That stamp made me laugh out loud! I love it! It on my list for certain!

  4. Oh, and my two pups say, “Woof” to your two pups.

  5. I wasn’t able to make any cards this weekend due to other commitments, but I did find time to watch–and enjoy–all of your videos!

  6. Love those crafty girls!

  7. A fabulous card for sure!

  8. I would have loved to have played along today but had to attend SO’s sons wedding out of state today. Hope y’all had fun!

  9. I think you may love making Halloween cards as much as I do! You are an inspiration. I LOVE the mash card!

  10. There is a craft and stamping store where I live called Buffalo Stamps & Stuff.
    Everyone who visits there is treated like family and they have classes everyday.
    It’s where I love to create.

    Great Card!

  11. I’ve taken the picture of my desk. And, now I will have to wait til later this evening to make a card. Going to try the video #2. I also am inspired by the cloudy sky we had this morning. I looked at it through my “Sandy Allnock” eyes–thinking what Copic colors I would use to create it. I have piano stuff today and then meeting my niece to share some crafty goodness then will be back home to make some cards! Have fun everyone!

  12. My friends and I meet monthly at a library to craft – and we find it wonderful that WCD landed on the day we meet! I will post pics when I get there (cat had a vet appt). Thanks for the history lesson too!
    Love the card!

  13. Always when I check my mail and I see a mail from you, I hardley can wait to read and see it.
    But, I take my time, just a little candy that’s waiting for you, first I have to do the things I have to do and than it is Showtime!!! I enjoy every videos with the story you tel during your wonderful proces of creating and its ends for me always with a big smile. Thank you!!! See you on the next one, have a verry happy World Card Making Day.

  14. I love the idea about taking a photo of the before and after craft desk. LOL! Unfortunately no one would probably be able to tell the difference in my room. haha!

  15. Loved the WCD history, Sandy. Today is my birthday; I love that it is also World Cardmaking Day!

  16. Sandy, your videos are just mesmerizing to me! How you just jump in with dark colors for shading – and it always turns out so beautiful! I love these ladies – I used to be part of a group like this and it eventually disbanded when life moved on – I really miss it! But, your videos help me feel part of a group and I continue to learn so much – thanks so much!!

  17. Awesome card as always.

  18. I so remember Two Peas website and blog, I was disappointed when they closed it down. I always enjoy watching your videos, especially the copic ones. I am going to have to save them all and watch them all together tonight, looking forward to it. Thanks.

  19. You know, I was actually thinking about you the other day and its always such a thrill to see how much you have grown as an artist over the years Sandy , but the very best part is your heart is still so very beautiful and your enthusiasm is such a jump start. I still see Godelieve’s photos too through my instagram feed . I Love how you colored the crafty friends card 🙂 will have to hunt that stamp down some day I think. “JBgreendawn”

    1. Hi Stacy! I miss the old, simple days of hanging out for our stamping events…what fun we had! 🙂 Good to “see” you!

  20. I remember 2 peas as well. I believe I was getting started back then, collecting supplies and looking for inspiration! I was sad when they went out of business.
    I also discovered OWH. I was able to send in one big box of cards. I really enjoyed doing that.

  21. Love it! Always love your work. And I remember two peas. Miss that site and the groups there. I sure got inspired when I was in challenges. The only thing I don’t miss was so many was so caught up in getting published. Lol.

  22. AWESOME!! So many times I said “Noooooo…..”. to the graying but I know u know what ur doing. This turned out AMAZING!!! Looking forward to the others for today

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