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Watercolor Pencils, Tulips – and a cute bunny butt!


I’ve been playing around with lots of watercolor pencils lately – and wanted to share some ideas with you on using them!

Watercolor Pencils, drawing tulips

This stamp was the perfect image to play around with some watercolor pencil techniques that I’ve been settling in with – blending, and some drawing too. I used the ArtGrip Aquarelle pencils (don’t confuse them with their regular ArtGrip pencils!) – they’re really nice. The tulip is easier than you think it might be – watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

I’ve been comparing these Art Grip Aquarelle (crafter grade) pencils to my swanky set of Albrecht Durer (artist grade) pencils, both by Faber-Castell – and was having trouble seeing what the differences were. They’re all very lightfast, and nicely pigmented, and completely soluble (meaning you can get rid of all pencil “lines” with limited scrubbing). The Albrecht Durer line has 120 colors and Art Grip only 60 but….finally it dawned on me – the Art Grip pencils are thinner! They have a smaller lead at 3.3mm vs the 3.8 of the artist line. For crafters, that’s honestly not a big deal – still plenty of pencil to make lots of cards.

Also – if you purchase all 5 sets of the Art Grip Aquarelle pencils you only end up with three duplicates – a gold, a silver, and a pink. Not bad, given that I think lots of you would use plenty of those colors! 🙂

Sandy Allnock honey buns


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8 thoughts on “Watercolor Pencils, Tulips – and a cute bunny butt!

  1. Adorable!

  2. That bunny is so adorable, as well as, your card. The tulip fits just right.

  3. your talent is unreal; it’s so even, precise, perfect!! I really enjoy your tutorials, your blog & anything you make that makes me smile! Thanks for sharing. (Sue Mac Donald)

  4. This card did make me smile. 🙂 Great tips too. TFS

  5. Your talent is amazing! You make it look so easy. Now I need to look into watercolor pencils. I have the intense ones I love them

  6. Great video! Lots of info. Cutest bunny ever. Adding the tulip made the scene. Wiggle butt is so cute. TFS!

  7. Oh my goodness Sandy this is just adorable! A VERY helpful video tutorial. I really want to learn to water colour and I find your videos most helpful. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent.

  8. The coloring is very nice and the cost of the pencils seems reasonable as well. Seems like this might be a good project to try things out on if one wanted to ease into the watercolor craze. Thanks as always for all the hard work you put into your videos and in inspiring us to make nice stuff! I can’t come to WA to give you a comfort hug for the loss of your friend, but know I’m sending a virtual hug and know that she is watching over you and that you touched her life during her time on earth. Be kind to yourself Sandy.

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