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Watercolor Hibiscus – Zig Clean Color Pens


Is it summer yet!?!? Oh my. I’m ready now that I got to create a watercolor hibiscus card! Many thanks to ZIG for sharing a few of these dynamo pens with me. It’s an expensive gift, since now #ineedtobuyallthecolors!!

Watercolor Hibiscus Card

Zig sent me a few of their Clean Color pens, and I started out testing them on some different papers. I discovered the pens definitely like watercolor paper most….I guess I would too if I were a pen like these! The colors are SO vibrant…and they say “Real Brush” on the sides of the pens, and they really mean it. These aren’t your average foam-type nib, they’re actual bristles! You can use them with or without water – just look at how beautifully they turn into watercolor by watching the video below on coloring the watercolor hibiscus stamp by Technique Tuesday – or check it out HERE on YouTube in HD.

I loved seeing that the pens can be purchased individually – buying a set can be a little pricey (even the set of 12 here or here is a mini investment), so we can collect them one-by-one like we do our Copics, yay! (I might need a hex chart for these…lol) Be prepared to be gentle with water around these markers…the instant they get wet they’re ready to play! But it does dab off pretty easily on the paper used on my card.  It was definitely great to see that the ink I stamped with didn’t bleed at all, too.

Sandy Allnock - Watercolor Hibiscus2

Some of you probably want to know what my black watercolor brush is – I’m leeeeeaning heavily on the Silver Brush brand right now; it’s a blend of natural squirrel hair and black synthetic filament – I find I get good control, the shape springs back after each stroke, and the tip is precise. I have some more brushes I’m testing (omg you should have seen my purchase the other day…one or two of each brand! cha-ching!), but if you’re chomping at the bit – there’s a set of three HERE (a 1, 8, and 3/4 wash) – or you can also buy any of the line individually HERE. I’m partial to a 2, 4, and 6 myself, with an oval wash – 2 and 4 are used on this card.

Sandy Allnock - Watercolor Hibiscus3


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One other thing I hadn’t yet mentioned – if you like painting a watercolor hibiscus, you might also like the rest of the Technique Tuesday florals – check them out HERE. I didn’t even know they had a monthly stamp!

30 thoughts on “Watercolor Hibiscus – Zig Clean Color Pens

  1. Is there reFills for these ?

  2. […] Tuesday sent me Agapanthus, July’s stamp, since they just loved my card with their Hibiscus stamp….and I couldn’t resist. Because they sent me two, one for me and one for you! […]

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  5. Beautiful card! My son saw me watching this video and he said,”Mom, seriously, do you need another set of markers?!” 😀 My boy knows me too well! Thanks for another awesome video and review. These markers look fun.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Gorgeous card & loved watching the video. I was going to purchase the Derwent Inktense pencils but loving the Zig you just demonstrated. Do they both do the same thing & do you have a recommendation between the two?

  8. Great review and stunning card! Gotta admit…I was surprised that you recommended the Canson XL…that is the watercolor paper that gives me the worst results…must be the amount of water I use….

    1. I do like other Cansons way better but they’re too expensive for most crafters 🙂 You’re right though, the amount of water and type of color can make a difference!

  9. Beautiful card thank you for doing a video on these paint brush markers and it was relaxing:) bonus

  10. Absolutely stunning, Sandy! I cannot believe my eyes… I truly love these!

  11. This is just stunning Sandy. I love the stamp AND these markers!

  12. You really have an amazing talent. What you refer to as scribbles look great–if I attempted them, they would look like scribbles. Thanks for a lovely Spring card.

  13. Your flowers (and music, aloha!) pulled me in. I felt just awed by watching you only use a thin stream of color and water to blend each. Thank you for the hints about avoiding poo. I really do appreciate that!!!

  14. oh my gosh! I love that card! the markers look fabulous. I love the way you did the petals on the flowers! i’m really trying not to buy these markers lol. i’m loosing, the markers are winning. the flowers are so gorgeous!

  15. Beautiful picture–beautiful coloring! Can you use those to color a line image stamp multi colors and huff and stamp?

  16. Thanks so much Sandy, This flower is so beautiful especially the way you colored it. There are many of the Technique Tuesday Greenhouse Society flowers that are so pretty; would love to watch you color them all. I have been eyeballing these brush pens too. Your demo convinced me they are a great asset to have in one’s collection.

  17. Well, looks as if I see some of these in my future. Thanks for sharing your opinion on these. Glad they can be purchased one at a time as well. Your card turned out so great and I like the brush you used to blend. I need some good brushes as well. I appreciate your sharing this information and tips.

  18. Awesome… Love the bright bold colors too !! Thank you for the video… you made it look so easy !!

  19. Love that stamp, I live in the “Hibiscus City” Punta Gorda Fl. In fact… Our Hibiscus Festival is next weekend….

    Very pretty card , I may have to give it try, without the aid of stamp or those awesome pens… I’ll be living on the street if I buy any more pens….

    1. Hey one of my fave things about these pens – you can make awesome stuff with just a tiny handful of colors. Not like Copics where we need blending colors! 🙂

  20. Beautiful card and, as you said, beautiful colors. I could listen and watch this video over and over. So relaxing and peaceful. As always, thanks for sharing.

  21. Hibiscus remind me of my childhood and you did a wonderful job recreating their brilliant beauty!

  22. wow, very pretty. i think i need those pens… lol

  23. Those watercolor pens look so cool. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  24. Wonderful demonstration.

  25. What a wonderful video! Your card is beautiful and I would really love to try these pens!

  26. As usual you are an inspiration. I have just started playing with these and love them so much I ordered the whole set on Amazon. I did find that they also work on a smooth bristol paper when you don’t want as much of a watercolor effect but they do react differently to regular watercolors. I think having more colors might help with blending. Very beautiful card Sandy!

  27. So pretty!

  28. Hi Sandy! I really enjoyed this video. I have had these pens on my wish list for quite a while now. I saw a few other YouTube videos featuring the pens, but yours really inspired me! I ordered the 60 pen set last night. I am so happy that you posted a link to Ellen Hutson for the individual pens. It’s good to know that you can order or reorder specific colors. The hibiscus stamp is on my wish list too. Your coloring techniques are amazing! Thanks Sandy!

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