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Watercolor Flowers Series #4: Garden Bloom


Thanks to all of you for your patience in waiting for another in my Watercolor Flowers Series!  This one was filmed a while ago, but it’s been sitting in the queue waiting for its moment to shine!

Watercolor Flowers Series #4

This time we’re working on much looser watercolors – trying out some masking fluid, and just letting that paint flow where it wants to go! I shot this video a while ago, so I’ve had more experience with watercolor and papers since then. Enjoy the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

Wasn’t that fun? I do believe this is going to be a longer series than first imagined…I’m enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would when I first started.

Sandy Allnock Watercolor Flowers 4a

Each time I practiced painting the same watercolor flowers, different things happened – so you can come out with all kinds of looks by just letting the water and paint mix in different ways!

Sandy Allnock Watercolor Flowers 4b

One thing I’ve learned recently is to purchase a full set of a coloring medium. I gave away my set of 24 Kuretake paints 2 weeks ago, and I’m awaiting the arrival of my new 36-color set!Sandy Allnock Watercolor Flowers 4b2

And FYI, I’m cooking up some new things for my blog in the near future…I’m making friends with Dick Blick, one of my favorite suppliers of art materials; they carry tons of artists tools and paints and papers, and since our crafty stores can’t justify carrying all that, I’ll be sharing some fun things I find in the art store. And coupons. LOL. You’re welcome!


I hope if you try this technique for watercolor flowers, you’ll drop me a link in the comments – I’d love to see your interpretation!

17 thoughts on “Watercolor Flowers Series #4: Garden Bloom

  1. Beautiful watercolors, Sandy! I miss my Dick Blick stores for art supplies – great selection and helpful staff. I was spoiled with 2 nearby when we lived in California. Now it would be a long trip to visit one. But their web site is good too.

  2. Sandy,
    Love your videos. For this video, watercolor flowers, you make the technique of water coloring look easy. Beautiful colors and awesome cards.

  3. Not experienced you say???? This looks WC perfect to me! It is beautiful and I appreciate the lesson so much. Love the colors you chose and I agree it is definitely “artsy”! I just love to watch you create!

  4. The cheerfulness of the flowers made me smile. And coupons? Three cheers for coupons!

  5. These are so beautiful. I love watching you paint.

  6. So simple but so beautiful!

  7. Oh my goodness! I loved seeing how you did this!!! I need some of that masking fluid!!

  8. LOVED watching you paint today, Sandy! Beautiful flowers! ♥

  9. Beautiful as ever Sandy!

  10. They both turned out great. Loving the watercolor. TFS

  11. Thank you for the watercolor lesson. I am liking the misket more and more. 🙂

  12. Hi Sandy, Will Dick Blick carry the Kuretake watercolors in store?

    1. I’ll be asking, but those are more likely to be just in crafty stores.

  13. Lovely!

  14. love the picture. we don’t have Dick Blick stores or I would use the coupon today

  15. Artsy fartsy indeed! It is beautiful Sandy!

  16. Nice!!!!

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