Okay, I’m a bit of a doofus. But since I am – I’ll give you a little inside scoop as my apology. LOL.

When I write my blog posts for MFT, I write them here, then send them the HTML code (hint, if you do guest posts anywhere, that’s a great way to do it. Saves everyone a lot of effort! Send along the picture files.) I also send them the YT video to upload onto THEIR channel. They get it all put together, and I am *supposed* to come back here and edit this to be a teaser post and link over to the post on their blog.

Yeah, that didn’t happen here today. You noticed that. Whoops!

The blog post with the video in it is over HERE.


And what, pray tell, has me discombobulated, you might wonder? If you’re watching my Instagram or Facebook, you may know I’ve been buried in tech stuff for the new website. I’m nearing the finish line – but the task at hand has been data entry. Creating accounts for each and every student who purchased classes from this blog, and granting access one by one on the new site. It was more time intensive than I expected – 5 days worth! My eyes are a wreck, and I’m hoping to sneak in some art time today to help them focus on something other than a laptop screen with excel spreadsheets.

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