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Watercolor a Hillside Scene – Guest post at MFT


Okay, I’m a bit of a doofus. But since I am – I’ll give you a little inside scoop as my apology. LOL.

When I write my blog posts for MFT, I write them here, then send them the HTML code (hint, if you do guest posts anywhere, that’s a great way to do it. Saves everyone a lot of effort! Send along the picture files.) I also send them the YT video to upload onto THEIR channel. They get it all put together, and I am *supposed* to come back here and edit this to be a teaser post and link over to the post on their blog.

Yeah, that didn’t happen here today. You noticed that. Whoops!

The blog post with the video in it is over HERE.


And what, pray tell, has me discombobulated, you might wonder? If you’re watching my Instagram or Facebook, you may know I’ve been buried in tech stuff for the new website. I’m nearing the finish line – but the task at hand has been data entry. Creating accounts for each and every student who purchased classes from this blog, and granting access one by one on the new site. It was more time intensive than I expected – 5 days worth! My eyes are a wreck, and I’m hoping to sneak in some art time today to help them focus on something other than a laptop screen with excel spreadsheets.

If you’d like a chance at a free class, go leave comments on Facebook or Instagram.

Supplies from today’s card

12 thoughts on “Watercolor a Hillside Scene – Guest post at MFT

  1. So much fun! I love how you create amazing scenes – I’m spending some time binge watching your recent posts as I’ve been enthralled with the new site and am a bit behind. May you be blessed with energy & joy!

  2. I’m so excited….I just bought some of these pencils!!! Can’t wait to use them!!! Thanks!

  3. Sandy,

    I have to say I “love” your videos and blog! I find them very informative and always have a very upbeat, positive nature.
    I, also, wanted to tell you that I purchased a few of the silver black velvet brushes as you recommended. I am new to watercolor but love it. I have signed up for your watercolor class. (Although, haven’t had time to devote to it yet….had my son’s wedding and now visiting my daughter awaiting the birth of my first granddaughter) . I did bring some of my watercolor paints and those brushes with me. I used the #6 the other day on a few Easter cards I was making! Thank you, thank you! Your recommendation was spot on! That brush is amazing! You are so right about how they hold water and pigment!!! They do give you a different feel and I LOVE IT! Awesome!
    Have a blessed and Happy Easter!

  4. Just love your videos! Always learn something new and watch beauty unfold!

  5. Funny,I knew you would pick one with a puppy.I know you love them.I’m interested in your waterpens.The brand and the pencils you used definitely has more pigment.I enjoyed your video.Thank you

  6. Looking forward to see the new website. Too bad I don’t do Facebook or Instagram.

  7. Such a sweet scene, Sandy. Thanks for the video, which can be viewed at the MFT blog at

  8. No video. It got lost or I can’t find it. I’m old so I have an excuse if it’s here and I can’t find it.

    1. Me too, no video in site….

      1. We all need a little help sometime. Click on the “this coloring series” link at the top of this post. It will take you to the MFT website where you can watch the video. Hope that helps. 🙂

  9. Adorable!

  10. So awesome. What a great scene.

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