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I produce weekly videos – sometimes they’re very helpful tutorials, sometimes involving coloring – but sometimes they are just completely silly vlogs. You can go directly to my YouTube channel to check out playlists too – so you’ll even find some videos there that I’ve done on other channels!




  1. Thanks for the great info on your position with digis. I totally agree.

  2. Oh Sandy that was so funny. Not the paper shortage but the way you did the vlog. I will be cutting up my horded papers :) Thanks for all you do

  3. Are you going to be on ‘The EllenShow?’ The video cut off…I’m confused.

    Anyway, my sister and I love making cards for OWH. I am a licensed art therapist, who had to retire due to
    a chronic illness and am now on permanant disability. I really miss creating art with my former patients, so
    being able to use my creativity to help the troops has really kept my spirits up,and made me feel useful.
    Creating cards also can keep my mind off my symptoms. Thank you for founding this wonderful organization.
    I really enjoy your blog…and have learned a lot from your tutorials. Your vlogs are creative,
    and you are a ‘natural’ in front of the camera One little piece of unsolicited advice.
    You should try not to use the word “awesome” so much. It’s probably a habit you’re not even aware of.
    The word is already so overused in the vernacular anyway, it takes away from what you are trying to convey.

    Thanks again for all you do, Mary McCarthy

    • If you watch the video on YouTube, there’s a link there to the rest of the story…

      • sorry no link.maybe because I have an iPad?
        will you be posting who’s going to be on Ellen on Owh site?

        • Log in on a laptop or desktop computer to watch on YT, that will work.


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