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  • Ellen Hutson $50 Gift Certificate: Barb McCarthy!
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Watch the vlog below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube! (The Crazy Birds card mentioned in this video is HERE.)

(And PS if you’re a YT subscriber, you may have gotten a crazy number of notices about uploads. EEEP! You just got sneak peeks. That’s what I get for working ahead and not checking dates when August flipped the calendar page!)

 And I just realized I’m marking a few milestones tomorrow:

  1. August 2, 2013: I left my last outside-the-home dayjob! And I’m still alive! Many people weren’t sure I’d last, but I’m happy to say they were dead wrong. (Go ahead, underestimate me. LOL)
  2. August 2, 2015: my life is on a pivot point as Operation Write Home moves out of receiving-donations phase and into its close-down phase.



 For the last year or so, I’ve been ever-so-slowly building up my business here on this blog as well as my teaching and other things I do, as OWH started ramping down. It’s been a challenge to balance it all; keeping up with OWH duties and running the organization, while knowing I needed to begin to grow my business so I have something to go to when the charity is all done. And now that all the cards are in and the real work of closure starts, my creative attentions can aim much more directly at my own business. OWH has a lot of technical detailed tasks to keep me busy, but at least this moment in time marks a change for me in what I think is a very positive direction. I’m pretty sure these things will be part of future vlogs at some point as I process what it means to change my life so completely! Thanks to all who have supported OWH – and me – in so many capacities!

Sneak peek

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