Hello and happy Saturday! Is anyone else ecstatic that this week is over? It was one crazy thing after another. It had a good ending, but whew. Gettin’ there was a challenge! 🙂

I’ve got a vlog for you for once…it’s been ages!

My card for today had to be a nice one after that lil rant…lol. So I’ve got one with a little Birdie Brown image called Summer Memories – she’s such a sweet little girl! And she has a little story too.

Sandy Allnock - Birdie Brown Girl1

Copic colors: YG05 G24 YG13 RV06 RV04 RV02 E53 E51 Y17 Y05 Y06 YR24 E17 Patterned paper is by Bazzill, Ribbon by May Arts.

This image is one that I’d taken with me to Anaheim for CHA. Well, I didn’t take it for CHA, but I took a bunch of images to color in between things. Like on the plane. Yes, I color on planes!

However, I had hurriedly filled a few of my markers. So….on the plane I had some giant bloooooops! This was one of them….first the E53 blew up on her chin, and then the Y17 went nuts on the flower and made me color in the background. But you know what? I got so excited. I liked the look of coloring in the background! I also had tons of fun with her little dress, adding my own pokladots with a white pen.

The most fun memory of this image, though, was the reactions of kids on the plane. There were a couple little girls, 3 or 4 years old, running up and down aisles. The yellow caught the eye of one, and she noticed I had my “crayons” with me. She stopped to watch for a little while. The other little girl stopped over as well, and I developed a little audience of kiddos! They started picking through my big stack of stamped images, and I told them they could each pick a picture for me to color for them. Fortunately they let me keep the little girl with the yellow sky….since yellow is my favorite color. I ended up giving away a Greeting Farm image and a MelJen Designs teddybear and a couple others, and it was a fun way to pass the time on the plane.

And I exited the plane with yellow fingers after the marker explosion. LOL!

I’m off to color all day today at our LSS in Tacoma…excited to have some quality time with my peeps, and get some projects underway that I haven’t had time to tackle! Hope you have a blessed day!

PS Doctor/dentist reports were fair to good. Doctor said I did “bust my kneecap” but that it’s going to heal up on its own. Dentist? Not quite as stellar, but not as bad as I expected. A couple not-so-fun appointments coming, but I thought it would be a heck of a lot worse after the length of time since I was in a dentist’s chair. 🙂