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Vintage Valentine

A Valentine? Not exactly since it has a “miss you” sentiment. But this card idea came from looking at Valentines on Google…so it’s got lots of hearts!

When I saw this mini stamp set with a  girl and her sweet kitty from WPlus9, I immediately knew I’d have to create a vintage image. (By the way she comes with a die…just so ya know!) I started looking online for vintage images of little girls so I’d get an idea where I wanted to go….layers of hearts is what I saw! I stamped the sentiment and little girl in a steel blue first, just to keep the lines softer. I airbrushed the piece quickly first to create a vintage texture, then went to town with my markers.

The pen I used to touch up a bit of the lines was a warm grey SP Multiliner – I’ve had it sitting in my pen drawer for ages and decided to try  it out on this image since I didn’t want a harsh black in there. A lot of the soft white you see in the image is from using colorless blender over the airbrushing – the rest? Signo, of course! If you can’t see the video below, click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube.


If you’d like to see this image colored by a master, check out Dawn’s image HERE – I couldn’t believe it looked this good and she asked me for advice!? (By the way my friend Dawn is the owner of WPlus9 and designs their stamps. And is a creative GENIUS. And super sweet. And a military brat. And drop dead gorgeous – no fair to have all those things wrapped up in one person.)

If you’re not enamored with this little girl stamp and the amount of coloring she is (even without this background!), stay tuned next week – I’ll be using THIS easy to color set from the same new release. Just a heads up if you wanna order it right now.  After THIS, I’m going out on a limb to predict it’s going to be sold out before next week. 

I hope you enjoyed this bit of coloring – it took me over an hour to complete the image, so it’s not for the faint at heart! But I know a hero will love sending it to their kiddo at home…and since it’s been pretty slim on cards lately, I’ll be spending part of my weekend making a bunch of cards for OWH I think.

Coming up

Tomorrow: something for your kids. Yes, your kids! Then next week I have a huge project I’ve been working on  – I daresay some of my best work yet – and it comes with giveaways. Be sure to come back for a visit, or better yet, subscribe to my blog – and it’ll all come right to your inbox!


Things of note

  • I’m excited to have inspired Janine to try a northern lights background HERE!
  • Love ugly sweaters? You might need to make some of THESE – I know I will be.
  • I just had a sneak peek at an upcoming Lawn Fawn release, and Oh. Em. Gee. Watch for it.
  • For some reason, I clicked through to watch THIS from Rhett and Link. Warning, fart humor!
  • Have you kept up on Jennifer’s Favorite Crafty Things? My wallet hurts!



13 thoughts on “Vintage Valentine

  1. awesome!!! I need to remember to add shadows and outline images I want to bring to the front. I just love your techinques. God bless you! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  2. You do amazing work! I’m speechless. Bravo!

  3. Picking my jaw up off of the floor! I am in awe of your talent!!!

  4. That is absolutely adorable!

  5. I could watch you color all day! What an amazing talent.

  6. Hi Sandy,

    I am so GLAD I have found you, I was mesmerized by your talent. I wish with all my heart that I could paint just like you! Although I do a decent job it is not by any stretch what you do, I could watch you for hours on end! I just subscribed to your videos an I hope that even through osmosis I will eventually color
    just a tenth of the magic that you do. Thanks for the tips but most of all thanks for the inspiration! I am now going to see if I can subscribe to your blog, before menopause decides to date the german guy (alzheimer), and forget to do it!

    María Alba

  7. A beautiful, vintage looking card. Reminds me of some of the old post cards, in my Great Uncles collection, that I have. Love all the detail that you added. TFS

  8. Is there any look that you can’t pull off? Wonderful card. Cute stamp as well.

  9. This is just amazing! You really captured a vintage look! Love it!

  10. I love this beautiful, vintage card, Sandy! Such a sweet image from WPlus9! And I’m excited for your 25 tags of Christmas! ♥

  11. That came out so wonderful! Love how you were able to whiten up areas with that Signo pen. 🙂

  12. wow, you exactly know how to turn this card in “vintage style”!!! This style is so hard to reproduce, with so particular colors and shadows… You’ve done it perfectly!!! I’m very impress 🙂 bravo!

  13. You, my friend, are amazing! And creative, kind, beautiful and smart to boot! See, not that rare of a package.

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