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Vanishing Point Lesson: Action Wobble Laundromat

While lots of folks will make what is intended from this stamp set – a darling shaker card with floating clothes inside – you know me. I had to go a different route. And made this MY washer….that shakes!

Vanishing Point Lesson: Action Wobble Laundromat

I knew I wanted the washer to bounce around, so an Action Wobble was a necessity. But then I started thinking about what the scene would be. What would be around it? Is this a washer in my home? And it hit me. No, no, no. This is that crazy laundromat I used to go to in college. With all the shaky washers! We’d have to sit on top of them while the laundry was going just to keep the noise to a minimum! hahah! So I added the flooring, black and white tile, following with the same vanishing point of the washer stamp. And figured an art lesson would be just dandy in this video! Hope you agree. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

I kept the color range fairly minimal – yellow, red, blue, with all that black and white.Sandy Allnock Vanishing Point Lesson Laundromat

And I used the same color scheme on the inside, keeping the shading in simple greys as well. Sandy Allnock Loads of Fun inside


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36 thoughts on “Vanishing Point Lesson: Action Wobble Laundromat

  1. Wow oh wow Sandy! Thank you for such a detailed and educational video – I can’t wait to go play at my craft table now!

  2. This is such a great card. You are absolutely correct that this is a different direction than I have seen of how others have been using this set. Very creative.

  3. I find all of your videos informative and creative. Thank you for sharing your artistic abilities in a way a crafter can understand. I would love a little more info on what a vanishing point is as it not something I am familiar with. Thanks.

  4. […] decided if I like this card for this friend, I may make another one.  But I learned a new technique from Sandy Allnock about using a vanishing point.  I’d always wondered how to achieve this affect.  I find it so strange that I have learned […]

  5. I enjoyed learning about the vanishing point! I think I knew about this before but forgot (my memory is not so good!). Great video and adorable card! Thank you!

  6. I learn so much from you! Thank you!

  7. Oh my word!!! Love what you did with this set, Sandy!!! You really created a lovely laundry mat out of those images. 😀

  8. What a cute idea! I believe we all relate to those washers on tilt, at some poit!

  9. Absolutely adorable! How fun.

  10. I was so in awe of how you made that card, that I just had to show it to my husband. He loved the wobble part. I’m still thinking about the vanishing point (yeah, I’ve heard about it before, but NOW it makes sense!) and how you did the masking to get the row of machines. I would LOVE to live in your head for a while!

  11. Perfect place to use that wobbler – on your oh so cute card!

  12. Darling card. Thanks for the lesson!

  13. Okay..I have to admit I too remember sitting on top of the shaky washers to hold them down as much as possible! Love going down memory lane. Thanks Sandy! Love your card. 🙂

  14. I’m absolutely smitten with this card! I LOVE how you shared your tips about stamping it with the vantage point in mind–seriously clever and quite possibly one of my top 5 favorites of yours. My dream laundry room for sure. 🙂

  15. This is just the coolest idea !! Genius Sandy!! It reminds me too of my crazy Laundromat days of past times! Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. Super cute card. Love how you did the floor and the inside of the card. TFS

  17. Vanishing point? very interesting something new. Great adorable card as well as video.

  18. First time I learned about vanishing point! You made it very clear! Thanks.

  19. I had never thought about the vanishing point on a card. Thanks!

  20. Your wobbling washer is great! So funny. I ordered this set and, according to the tracking, it should be in my mailbox today.

    The vanishing point lesson was a reminder of junior high art class. For a while I was obsessed with drawing vanishing point pictures. Thinking about it made me smile. Thanks.

  21. So freakin’ adorable!!! I wasn’t planning on getting this stamp set (so many fabulous new releases, gotta stop somewhere!!) but I’m adding it to my cart now. Love your blog, you are awesome. 🙂

  22. I’m hoping that stamp set will be in my mailbox today! I didn’t even think about an action wobble.
    You made me ten times more excited to get some ink on that stamp!

  23. Oh my word Sandy this is an AWESOME lesson! I still remember doing it in High school while looking down the hall and drawing the vinyl tiles and the lockers etc!
    Since you touched on this perspective lesson, and I know you have done light sources…maybe (pretty please!) is there any way you would do a little more on the basics on a quick explanation of light sources with some of the lawn fawn stamps? Those of us that can’t make it to your classes IRL were so wishing we could when you did the LF classes!!

    1. Yes!! That would be fantastic! Please! Maybe some LF shading maps.

  24. Absolutely fantastic, Sandy! Great card and great lesson as well. ☺

  25. Very cool!

  26. This card makes want to go to a Laundromat…OK not really! But what a great card. And thanks for the vanishing point lesson.

  27. Very clever card! And thanks for the tips on perspective – always welcome!

  28. WOW, thanks for the tip on how to find/do a vanishing point. As always, your card is wonderful. TFS your amazing talent!

  29. What a great tutorial Sandy! I just looked at your video! you are so inspiring! thank you!
    xoxo Olga

  30. So, so cute….fun stuff, Sandy…love this so much, will have to give that floor a go…thanks for the jog to the memory on vanishing point…LOL. I have some Action Wobblers and have not used them yet…need to do something about that, huh?

  31. Sandy, this is amazing! You are so gifted!

  32. This card is so cute! I love this stamp set. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Wow! Awesome.

  34. Love your vanishing point tiles! You really made a fun card with it.

  35. This is really adorable! I fell in love with this set during the Lawn Fawn previews and pre-ordered it. It arrived on Saturday and I am so excited to get started using it. So many possibilities! Thank you for the inspiration and the art lesson!

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