Before I get rolling – Ellen Hutson asked if I’d do a Facebook Live video today on her page! It was a lot of fun….I answered some Q&A, then did three Human Rainbow colorways on the little girl in today’s video! Be sure to check out the replay – AFTER watching today’s Youtube video here on the blog.

A little caveat on today’s video: I haven’t shared a ton of hex chart type videos….partly because it feels like shameless marketing. And honestly, that makes me feel kinda icky! I love it when folks get a hex chart if it helps them with their coloring – that’s why I even have it for sale. And it’s inexpensive because I’m not looking to go to a private island with the funds. But since Ellen said she sees so many people talking about the chart, she wanted to let her customers know about it in the Facebook Live video – so here we go!

Using the Copic Hex Chart: Sunflower Baby

I chose an image with (surprise) a bright yellow sunflower! And a little person, so I could color some skin. And I picked red for her dress colors, because that’s one of the colors folks have the toughest time coloring. So this video has a little bit of everything in it! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

 Get Hex Chart

Facebook live was 10am Pacific TODAY on
Ellen Hutson’s facebook page – go watch the replay!



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