I may have mentioned here before that I belong to a few art groups now – Plein Air Washington Artists, made up of all kinds of plein air folks (lots of oil, and some watercolorists)….Northwest Watercolor Society, all watercolor of course (they have a show coming up and I am FREAKING over trying to pick what to enter by the deadline this week!)….and Urban Sketchers Tacoma, or Tacoma Urban Sketchers as I keep mistakenly calling it, lol.

If you’re looking for local artists to join up with – especially those without a crafty community where you live – look to see if there’s an Urban Sketchers group in your area. While the “societies” aren’t exclusive – you don’t have to have anything more than usually $50 and some watercolor supplies – they tend to be more serious fine artist types of folks. But the urban sketchers I’ve found are a real mix: LOTS of newbies, people who doodle and sketch at all kinds of levels. I recommend anyone who’s taken my Drawing 101 class should join one; you are MORE than qualified to take part!

Our group hosts an outing about once a week or so – you can pick what you can make it to, some are during the week and others on weekends. We meet at a given time and place, go out to sketch, then re-gather at a set location 2 or 3 hours later to see each other’s work. Some are ‘wow’ pieces, some are loose studies, some are total practice (I have had several that I just didn’t show! ha!) We take a big group pic – See shots from their blog post about our Tumwater trip yesterday. (There’s a link there to a bunch of pics from the day.)

I wanted to see how my idea for using DS watercolor sticks was going to play out – I had one sketch-fail (not shown) and discovered my sweaty palm had a ton of pigment on it when I was done; so holding one of the two rubber-banded groups of sticks wasn’t as smart as I thought! I wrapped them in a rag I had and played around with sketching a tree while waiting for the group and that was less messy. I have other ideas for rigging this setup to make it work – just touching an aquabrush to the end of the stick worked well, it’s just the holding part that got messy. The handful of sticks was VERY comfortable to paint from.

My other piece was a sketch in pencil, made with my new Tutto3 pencil – it has three sizes of lead, different hardnesses, and an eraser, all within one pencil. Very comfortable weight, I really do like it a lot. (See this post for more about it.)

I finally did learn how to replace a lead in my Tutto, so whoever had left me a message somewhere on social (I can’t remember where I saw it!): Open the pencil barrel, then grab the one you want to replace right at the copper part near the spring and tug the nib gently. Drop the lead into the open barrel in the handle. Use the pokey thing to push the old lead fragment out the front of the nib, then reassemble the pencil. You’ll have to click it a bunch with the pencil facing down to advance the pencil to be usable.

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! Well, not exactly. No chicken dinner involved, it’s a stamp set. However, the winner, selected at random by random,org, is….
Gayle Sanders!


And today’s Bible journaling video, since you’re here….