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UNITED WE CONQUER! Ellen Hutson BCRF Fundraiser

UNITED WE CONQUER! Ellen Hutson BCRF Fundraiser

In honor of their three amazing mothers, Chaitali, Julie and Ellen teamed up to find a way that they could make a difference and honor these very special women in their lives and actively contribute to finding a cure for breast cancer. Together they have created the Courage Stamp & Die Set. It’s soooo beautiful:

Many of you are affected by this disease or other forms of cancer and we are turning to you for help. After much research our team made the decision to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  BCRF is the highest rated breast cancer organization in the nation. To learn more about BCRF please visit their website.

Through this fundraiser, it is our goal to educate and raise money for research and support services for patients and survivors battling breast cancer.  And I’m honored to join in this bloghop to celebrate and encourage these efforts!

Won’t you join us? Donate, stamp, share, create—there are many ways you can contribute!  Visit the Ellen Hutson BCRF fundraiser page to find out how and to follow our progress.

Together we can!

And now, on to MY project! I saw all the flowers – meant for layering – and knew others could do amazing cards with stamping and layering inks. But what could I do that would make this set “sing” in my own way? And as I pondered….I started seeing each one of the layer-able stamps as separate flowers…what would happen if I added to each one with a little bit of color to make them all totally different flowers? Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

COURAGE fundraiser set


A little something really special…

I hope this has given you another view of what you can do with this stamp set – so perhaps you’ll have more encouragement to buy it and help the cause. There are no giveaways for this hop, and I do know it likely means folks won’t be motivated to comment or share….so here’s what I’m going to do to encourage that:

For every comment on this post by Friday, AND for every pin of my card on Pinterest: I will donate $1.00 to BCRF. Get busy! Let’s raise some money!

 Hop Roster


Today, I’m only linking to the stamp and die set used on this card – and it’s not an affiliate link. All of the proceeds will go to the cause, not to anyone on this hop! So please do join in and pick up a set…then go share the card you have created using #BCRF #BCRFfundraiser #cancerresearch #BeTheEnd #essentialsbyellenbcrf

179 thoughts on “UNITED WE CONQUER! Ellen Hutson BCRF Fundraiser

  1. Your card is so beautiful and inspiring; thanks for showing this amazing set in a whole other light and thank you for your generosity!

  2. Your card is bound to brighten someone’s day. You are kicking the yellow. You go girl.

  3. Lovely card and for a wonderful cause! My husband has survived two kinds of cancer and my daughter is undergoing treatment for another kind. We need to find a cure for this insidious disease!

  4. Love this card. I’m a 3 1/2 year survivor of breast cancer and look so forward to the day all cancers are eradicated.

  5. I love your beautiful card!!

  6. Awesome card for a great cause!! The way you ‘see’ is a beauty to behold and you never fail to plant a seed when I read your blog. Well done !

  7. Sandy your card is gorgeous and your friend will surely feel better when she receives it. I love the way you colored the flowers and mad them your own. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Sandy, I love the card you created. Not only is it beautiful, but what an inspiration to someone who is always trying to color inside the lines! Your freedom and creativity is beautiful!

  9. Beautiful card. Love your personal commitment to this fundraiser.

  10. you are such a treasure. . . .

  11. Beautiful card!

  12. Beautiful card, Sandy! Thanks for your generous personal donation to BRCF.

  13. Beautiful card, and the creative talent you have is amazing!

  14. I’m a “yellow” person, too, and your card is gorgeous. You’re such a talented artist. Wonderful card for a wonderful cause.

  15. This is such a beautiful card. I’m so impressed by your talent and your kind, generous heart.

  16. As a breast cancer survivor, I am so excited about this stamp set and thankful for your generosity! Your card is absolutely beautiful!!!

  17. Your card is fabulous! What a great stamp set for a super cause! I have a dear friend who was just diagnosed with lung cancer I’m going to use this set to make him a card.

  18. I love your creativity ! This card is gorgeous. I’m going to go order this set right now. Can’t wait to create with them and support this wonderful cause!! Thank you!

  19. Great yellow card, it wil brighten up your friend’s day for sure!!

  20. Love the card. Extra $1 headed off thanks to you and $50 from me for the set!

  21. I am buying this set,

  22. Very happy card. You are very generous. Will go purchase the stamp set.

  23. Yellow is my favorite color! This card is a little ray of sunshine in an envelope.

  24. That card is just beautiful. I wish I could whip out something like that but know it would never look that good.

  25. Beautiful card

  26. I adore your card and how you made flowers/leaves from all the pieces. Your friend is going to love it!

  27. Stunning Sandy. Such a fun card

  28. Love the flowers, Thanks for donating your talent and money to worthy cause

  29. Lovely card, and W00t! You are so awesome!

  30. I’m sure your friend will smile when she sees your lovely yellow card!

  31. Love your bright and cheerful card Sandy, and your use of the pretty flower stamps is inspiring. You are not only incredibly talented, but very generous in all you do too.

  32. Beautiful as always!! I love to watch you color

  33. It’s comforting to know there are good and giving people in the world. The news every night is so awful that it makes you feel awful. This makes me feel good. I just ordered my set and you are so nice to give more.

  34. What a wonderful card! April 10 my daughter not only turned 20 but that was her 5 years out since her stage 4 diagnosis of tongue cancer that had metastisized to her tonsil and lymphnodes. I will be purchasing this set because, even after 5 years, she still needs reminders as to how stong she is! I am praying for your friend!

  35. Sandy, you are so super talented and generous! This card turned out absolutely gorgeous, and I admire your creativity very much. Who would think to use a layering set to make your own flowers? Amazing!! I’m also in love with the colors on this card. Feminine without needing pink! Thank you very much for your generosity. I don’t have the funds to purchase this set, but you have found a way for which I can be part of this. Thank you!!

  36. Thank you so much for your generosity and the giving spirit you display throughout the year. You are a wonderful example to all of us.

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  38. This is such a bright and cheerful card, Sandy! Love it that you used your favorite color, yellow, for the flowers. Really beautiful!

  39. I love the way you used yellows instead of the usual pink. Great card!

  40. Beautiful card. Great cause.

  41. You are awesome Sandy! I pinned your card and I’m commenting. I love how you took those flower shapes and made them into new and lots of flowers. Just beautiful! So many cancers need a cure don’t they?! My husband passed a year and a half ago at 52 years of age from colon cancer. Found it his first colonoscopy and he was stage 5 then. He lived 2 years to the day from his diagnose. Cancer sucks!! Hugs, Brenda

  42. Great card, Sandy! What a wonderful way to extend these stamps. Thanks for sharing and for your generosity!

  43. Holy smokes, Sandy. Way to make the stamp set your own! And a very sweet challenge… not all hops are about prizes! 🙂

  44. I always enjoy your videos and your sunny disposition! I’ve already picked up the stamp and die set. Thx for sharing!

  45. You have such a great heart Sandy. I’m sure your friend will love the card, and your donation will help the cause.

  46. Such gorgeous colors

  47. Thank you for sharing your talent and money to help a great cause. I am a survivor, and you are awesome

  48. Beautiful card, Sandy! And your friend is going to LOVE it. So thoughtful to color it in your trademark color to make it uniquely you. ♥

  49. Such a cheerful card with those yellow flowers, I’m sure it will make your friend smile. You have such a good heart Sandy, to be a part of this and all the other things you do.

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