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UNITED WE CONQUER! Ellen Hutson BCRF Fundraiser

UNITED WE CONQUER! Ellen Hutson BCRF Fundraiser

In honor of their three amazing mothers, Chaitali, Julie and Ellen teamed up to find a way that they could make a difference and honor these very special women in their lives and actively contribute to finding a cure for breast cancer. Together they have created the Courage Stamp & Die Set. It’s soooo beautiful:

Many of you are affected by this disease or other forms of cancer and we are turning to you for help. After much research our team made the decision to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  BCRF is the highest rated breast cancer organization in the nation. To learn more about BCRF please visit their website.

Through this fundraiser, it is our goal to educate and raise money for research and support services for patients and survivors battling breast cancer.  And I’m honored to join in this bloghop to celebrate and encourage these efforts!

Won’t you join us? Donate, stamp, share, create—there are many ways you can contribute!  Visit the Ellen Hutson BCRF fundraiser page to find out how and to follow our progress.

Together we can!

And now, on to MY project! I saw all the flowers – meant for layering – and knew others could do amazing cards with stamping and layering inks. But what could I do that would make this set “sing” in my own way? And as I pondered….I started seeing each one of the layer-able stamps as separate flowers…what would happen if I added to each one with a little bit of color to make them all totally different flowers? Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

COURAGE fundraiser set


A little something really special…

I hope this has given you another view of what you can do with this stamp set – so perhaps you’ll have more encouragement to buy it and help the cause. There are no giveaways for this hop, and I do know it likely means folks won’t be motivated to comment or share….so here’s what I’m going to do to encourage that:

For every comment on this post by Friday, AND for every pin of my card on Pinterest: I will donate $1.00 to BCRF. Get busy! Let’s raise some money!

 Hop Roster


Today, I’m only linking to the stamp and die set used on this card – and it’s not an affiliate link. All of the proceeds will go to the cause, not to anyone on this hop! So please do join in and pick up a set…then go share the card you have created using #BCRF #BCRFfundraiser #cancerresearch #BeTheEnd #essentialsbyellenbcrf

179 thoughts on “UNITED WE CONQUER! Ellen Hutson BCRF Fundraiser

  1. What a cheerful card for a person who is in the midst of a medical crisis. Wishing your friend health and courage.

  2. Didn’t see the info til a few days ago. Bought the set. What a great cause. My mom had two types of breast cancer. I always learn so much from your projects, Sandy. Please keep on.

  3. […] GREAT ways finish strong with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation fundraiser – (the post HERE shows the Courage set, and I sent in $500 from that!) and we are trying to SHOUT it loud to […]

  4. So pretty! I love to see how you transform flowers.

  5. Love to watch you colour – beautiful!!

  6. Such a gorgeous card! You have an amazing and wonderful heart!

  7. Sandy! This is beautiful. Might be my new favorite thing of yours. 🙂

  8. I know color is your thing, but this is a work of genius!

  9. just love what you did with all the stamps – like the yellow too

  10. Your generosity is as big as your talent, Sandy. Another fantastic card! Your friend will cherish it.

  11. Thank you for doing more than your part for such a good cause. Can’t wait to get my hands on the set!

  12. I don’t usually comment, whether there’s a giveaway or not, but I had to when you said you’d be donating for every one you got. Your generosity and talent are above and beyond!!

  13. I made my contribution too ❤️ !

  14. Love the colors and details! Beautiful card with this pretty set!

  15. I am a new fan! Enjoyed visiting your site today…..I will be back!

  16. WOW, your card is wonderful. Watching you change the stamped images was awesome. Your generosity to breast cancer research is heart touching and I am sure you will make a difference. Thank you

  17. Thank you! 3 year survivor of breast cancer.

  18. As a Mammographer it is AWESOME to see this kind of fundraiser for such an important cause! And watching you make this card (seem so effortless) and all your cards is always inspiring. And how fantastic of you to donate even more!!

  19. That is such a pretty card, Sandy, I’m sure it would mean so much to your friend to receive it. I went through breast cancer treatment in 2013 (4 years cancer free for me -YAY!) and small things like a note or a card are treasured during this stressful time.

  20. Wow, I really love what you’ve done with these flowers and this beautiful stamp set! Mine is on the way. Thanks so much for your awesome video and your wonderful contribution!!

  21. Beautiful card. Thanks, Sandy.

  22. You have such a big heart for charity. I admire that.

  23. You always come through Sandy…awesome!!

  24. It is a very “Sandy” card for sure, with all that yellow, but so bight and cheery and I know your friend will be encouraged by it. Thank you for your generosity for the cause.

  25. Beautiful card for a deserving cause! Love the cheerfulness and pretty colors, so heart lifting. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Sandy,

    I have been motivated to comment on the other blogs because, like Ellen, Julie, Chailateli, and so many others, this is a cause near and dear to my heart.

    I love what you have done with the stamp set to show the versatility it has. And, of course, for you yellow is the best color you could have used to make a card that was sure to wow us! You do always seem to find a new way to show off stamps that I don’t see anyone else come up with.

    Thank you for making a difference! You are such an inspiration!

  27. Wow Sandy, way to go above and beyond in everything you do!!!

  28. (Just love to watch you color and draw- it’s very calligraphic.) Your generosity is one of your many gifts, Sandy. It is both a comfort and an inspiration. Bless you

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