Unboxing: The Greatest Gift

I received an email last month asking me if I’d be interested in this Greatest Gift project – and I did a little poking around. They have an Indiegogo fundraiser going on right now to finance production on these kits – and I immediately thought of YOU, my cardmaking friends. We send cards because we want people to feel special – and THIS little gift is one we can give them to really amp that up! I shot an unboxing video because I could tell it would take me some time to get busy creating my first journal, and I wanted you to be in on the Indiegogo to be among the first to get these. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on  YouTube.

I’m pretty excited about getting more of these after I finish this one….it’s a matter of figuring out who to do first. Eeep! The first ones will go out to backers in February 2018 (estimated) – go get on the list by signing up at the Greatest Gift!

Greatest Gift

And just for fun….I’m curious if a non-cardmaking project like this is interesting to you guys. I often turn down special projects, because I know my audience wants to learn to color….but do you like this kind of thing? Would you get one? Who would you send it to? Let me know in the comments!