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Unboxing: Gemini Junior from Crafters Companion

Unboxing Gemini Junior by Sandy Allnock


Unboxing: Gemini Junior from Crafters Companion

I don’t typically do unboxing videos – but with a big item like this, and a fresh new box, I figured I’d give it a shot. Big ups to Crafters Companion for sharing this with me so I can share it with you! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The card is pretty simple – a border on the front, nested red “love” sentiment, and a red panel inside. The backside of the sentiment portion is covered with white cardstock to keep it clean.


  • Dimensions: Height 5.4″, Width 10.6″, Depth 7.6″
  • Weight: 10.16 lbs
  • Pass through time: 10 seconds
  • 110V/120V power requirements

Overall thoughts

I’m impressed with the functionality – for those who want to do fancy digital things and projects connected to your computer, this is likely not something you need. But if you’re a basic person like me, and want something that 1) fits in your craft room (ha!) and 2) does really nice clean diecutting and embossing….I can definitely recommend the Gemini Junior.

My only negatives are rather silly things: it has no handle on top like other machines, so it’s a 2-handed carry job. (If you plan to haul it to a crop, you’ll need to make a separate trip. And it’s slightly heavy, so if you’re single and have trouble lifting 10lbs, you might want help getting it put in place. But the handles are VERY comfortable to carry it by. And I like the fact that it’s heavy so it’s not going to “walk” across the shelf it’s going to sit on, like my old machine (which has fallen off completely a few times!)

Thumbs up!


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19 thoughts on “Unboxing: Gemini Junior from Crafters Companion

  1. Have a variety of cutting machines and love my gemini (also have the gemini junior). Both work well and with little effort and no re-running things through multiple times to get a good cut/emboss

  2. A very nicely done review.; Succinct and to the point. Very pretty and clean card as well. Thanks Sandy!

  3. Really nice video, Sandy – I bet you help a lot of people trying to decide about “Junior, “and you made me laugh. I have a Junior and my hand is so happy not to have to crank! And my brain is happy not to have to figure out “spot” shims and sandwiches and write them down.

    But as for not being a good die cutter, I’m afraid you told a fib. ; ) I’d never seen the scotch tape trick to hold a die, so thank you for that.

  4. I just got mine last week and love it! It seemed strange to be cutting into the metal shim used for the intricate dies with the sandwich they recommend. I tried it but wasn’t Impressed. It leaves a dent in the metal which seems to me would create uneven pressure after a few cuts and seemed to require multiple passes like you did in the video. So I moved the metal shim to between the plastic shim and the magnetic shim in my sandwich and I think it actually cuts better and doesn’t damage the metal shim. I think letting it cut into the cutting plate instead of the metal shim lets it cut through the paper better.

    1. That may be – but I wanted to follow the directions and see what happened.

  5. Even though you normally don’t do unboxing, it was useful from a crafter’s point of view to see what to expect from the Gemini Junior. I have no workspace so I would have to move it all the time and plug it in and with secondary breast cancer and a 101b machine with not really great handles that is not good for me. I do like the fact that there is no handle to crank and you can reverse it too, but I felt it seemed quite noisy on top of the normal cracks and creaks from die cutting. Was it quite noisy? Beautiful dies and embossing folder provided though and what a project. Gemini should be printing your project on the front of the Gemini’s box. :O)

    1. The ratio of sound isn’t perfect – one was recorded on the mic (the Gemini sound) and my voice was on a mic after. It’s hard to judge how to balance them but I wanted to hear sound from the machine when it was on. It’s not distractingly loud 🙂

    2. Could a rolling cart work? Of course then you’d have to wheel it but if it could be put in a corner or elsewhere it would eliminating carrying. (It’s quieter than I thought it would be but tolerance for noise varies of course.)

  6. I have had numerous shoulder surgeries. Gemini Jr is a game changer for me. I had troubles with the Vagabond jamming. No problems so far with the Gemini. I assume it has a stronger motor? It also has a reverse. Thank you Crafters Companion!

  7. Beautiful card—I love that edge die. My husband bought me a Vagabond a few years ago, which I love, but I still occasionally use my Cuttlebug for thick dies or embossing folders that exert too much pressure so as not to break my Vagabond.

  8. Very cool. Thanks for the review. I might have missed it, but what are the dimensions of the cutting plates on the Junior? Trying to figure out if it would fit my 6×6 embossing folders… 🙂

    1. Never mind. I went back and watched the beginning of the video again and saw the 6″ x 8.9″ on the packaging as you took it out. That’s a nice size. 🙂

  9. Maybe I missed it, but what is the fabulous doily-like edge die you used on this beautiful card? I looked on Ellen Hutson but can’t find it. I love die cutting and find it do more and more of it and less coloring (because I’m just not good!) but I’m loving experimenting with watercolors. Thanks for this information as well as your always-inspirational videos.

    1. It’s the one that comes in the box – I don’t think she carries it.

  10. For years I’ve been using the Ebosser that Crafters Companion sold before the Gemini. I love it! It was well worth the money. Has a much larger platform so I can run twice as many dies or 2 embossing folders at once. Yeah, electrical are noisy, but overall it’s been well worth it in terms of time efficiency and less wear and tear on my hands and arms (compared to a hand crank one). My Ebosser is comparable to their full size Gemini (which does have an upgrade from mine with the reverse button, so eventually I’ll replace mine as I like that feature).

  11. Appreciate the review. Very slick indeed – but I don’t know that I could overcome that price point, being a home hobbyist…

    1. You can find the full size Gemini at reduced prices several places, that is how I got mine. I think maybe they were reduced because the Jr. was coming out. Love mine!

  12. Great review. I would definitely go for this next time I need a die cutter.

  13. Gorgeous card!! Thank you so much for taking the time to go through exactly how it works!

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