A while back I had out all the AI watercolor supplies….and decided to go ahead and film not just one but TWO classes! Every time I post a YT video with AI watercolor I get so many questions….and hopefully now I have a place to point folks that answers them in a deeper way than I can on YouTube! Sorry it’s taken so long after recent teases that the classes were on the way – I wanted to be sure we got at least some of all the stamps and markers in for those who need them!

I’ve put together one intro video for both, then read on for more info on the differences between the classes!

Stamped Watercolor Jumpstart

This is a relatively traditional Jumpstart class (the first level recommended for any medium). 10 lessons, including the basics on applying color, using water to move it, different ways to get a variety of effects. There are a few videos from the AI YouTube channel so there are more ideas than just mine in the class – Bonnie is AMAZING and I want everyone to see her work!

There are 6 stamp sets involved – I tried to keep it limited so supplies wouldn’t get crazy-expensive! Ellen Hutson is offering a discount, at least for a while (through Christmas, in case you need to ask Santa to get on it for your wish list!) and that info is in the pre-class lesson.

The Jumpstart class is also in real-time, just cutting out the time to go change markers as much as I could so as not to waste time….

I kept my card designs simple – but you can do whatever you want with your beautiful paintings!

In both of these classes I use Tombow markers – the set that’s now available at Ellen Hutson!

Stamped Watercolor Scenes Mini Class

This class is for those who’ve already tackled Art Impressions watercolor – crazier scenes and masking to challenge you!

The stamp sets for this class are, well, there are a bunch. Yep. I figure if you’ve been doing AI watercolor a while, you have some stamps that would be fine substitutes for some of these that I used! Containers, trees, branches, buildings. The bench is one stamp I definitely recommend as that’s in all the lessons. And if you want to add critters, there’s one set that has a bunch of sleeping critters in one set, or you can get bunnies, dogs, cats, etc in individual species sets with more options. (The dog park scene can be done with just the bench and trees, skipping the puppers.)

In this class I also use a MISTI – mostly the mini but in one case a full size; you do not HAVE to have a MISTI to take the class, just use whatever technique you have used before to align stamps.

I hope Santa brings you a fun class for Christmas – remember to put a Gift Card on your wish list!