Okay, so that title’s a bit of a misnomer. My tutorial isn’t here, it’s over on the May Arts blog. ***ETA 11am, the post is there now!*** Click the picture to go see! (Then come back here and scroll down for the news about the test StageIt show on Friday!)


Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed that lil project…I had such fun making it! Non-cards are a little out of character for me, but I do like doing something a little different from time to time. 🙂

Friday Test Webcast on StageIt

I’ll be testing out the platform with the first ever “I Can’t Stop Embellishing Webcast”on Friday afternoon; they appear to have 2 cameras, however it seems like poor resolution in the “soundcheck” mode….so it could be a bust! But it’ll only cost a buck to see the train wreck…OR only a buck to be in on the ground floor of something cool and new! Ha. No refunds, so be sure you’re willing to part with  your sawbuck 🙂

They’re only giving me a half hour show to start, so we’ll do that and see how it goes. What’s on deck, you ask?

  • A sketch! Bring pencil and paper, so you can write down details. This webcast won’t “save” like OWHtv.
  • Samples with the sketch, showing new papers from Bazzill and why I pick which papers.
  • A recording of a voicemail that a HERO left on my phone, all the way from Afghanistan! I hope my phone is picked up on the broadcast, it’s a nice message.
  • Viewer’s choice: Stump Sandy OR previews of some YouTube project “reject” cards. Yeah, I make blooper cards! No one but our heroes will see them if you choose Stump Sandy (and that’s ok with me!)

That ought to be plenty to keep us occupied for just half an hour; I think it cuts off at 30min, so we shouldn’t be running overtime. And – if you are NOT able to make it, don’t worry; you won’t miss any OWH-crucial news. This is more about just crafting, and won’t have announcement-type stuff except me blathering personally. Any webcasts that have an associated fee are bonus material, not critical for OWHers. (‘cept you might like to be “in the know”!)

How do you get a ticket? Click HERE!