Today…I’m thinking about the impact that one person can have.

Robin Williams changed the world. For the better, as far as I can tell. His comedic and dramatic performances have been seen by millions of people across generations, around the globe – and right here with me. I remember watching him as “Mork,” and the realization hit me at the time that I could grow up without growing up. Seeing his insane silliness made me less afraid to grow up, since I could keep that crazy childlike side.

My video this week is a tribute to Robin. I haven’t made a portrait in decades – but for some reason, it occurred me to do that today.


Enjoy the video! If you can’t see it on your device, click HERE to watch it on YouTube.


Details about the art:

  • HERE is the photo of Robin used, from the 1998 movie Patch Adams.
  • Colored with Copic Markers (alcohol ink markers) on Neenah 80# cardstock.
  • The piece took 45 minutes to create, and is sped up 1400%. (Edited in Final Cut Express)
  • The original pencil sketched outline was created with the aid of a light box.
  • The artist is available for teaching and demos. More about the artist.