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Tribute to Robin Williams

Today…I’m thinking about the impact that one person can have.

Robin Williams changed the world. For the better, as far as I can tell. His comedic and dramatic performances have been seen by millions of people across generations, around the globe – and right here with me. I remember watching him as “Mork,” and the realization hit me at the time that I could grow up without growing up. Seeing his insane silliness made me less afraid to grow up, since I could keep that crazy childlike side.

My video this week is a tribute to Robin. I haven’t made a portrait in decades – but for some reason, it occurred me to do that today.


Enjoy the video! If you can’t see it on your device, click HERE to watch it on YouTube.


Details about the art:

  • HERE is the photo of Robin used, from the 1998 movie Patch Adams.
  • Colored with Copic Markers (alcohol ink markers) on Neenah 80# cardstock.
  • The piece took 45 minutes to create, and is sped up 1400%. (Edited in Final Cut Express)
  • The original pencil sketched outline was created with the aid of a light box.
  • The artist is available for teaching and demos. More about the artist.


33 thoughts on “Tribute to Robin Williams

  1. Amazing!

  2. WOW ! What a loving tribute to Robin. I do believe you have magic in your hands and love in your heart.

  3. Amazing! Fabulous tribute. Thank you for sharing it with your followers.

  4. So beautiful, Sandy. You really captured his essence. I still cannot believe he is gone…

  5. Just…breathtaking wonderful……liked watched you make the Robin Williams tribute with a smile….you are one talented lady Sandy.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. So beautiful. My 7 year old son Mikey asked me who is Robin Williams cause he had seen all the news reports. So I told him that Robin Williams was a sweet kind man, a silly funny movie star. So Mikey he had’nt seen his movies. Just the toons. So my husband and I have been showing him some of movies( Hook, Flubber, Rv, Mrs.Doubtfire, Jumanji, Jack, Night at the Museum).
    Mikey had seen Happy Feet, Fern Gully, Robots, and Aladdin. So now he can put a voice to face.

  7. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute. I can’t believe how saddened I am that someone i never met is gone. The world needs laughter and joy and he brought that to us. It is such a shame that privately he struggled so much that he only saw one way out. I hope he is making everyone in heaven laugh, especially my Mom.

  8. Beautiful tribute!

  9. You are so amazing there aren’t even words to describe it. What a beautiful tribute!

  10. Simply wonderful!! You are a wonderful artist! A great tribute!

  11. Your artistic ability is beyond amazing. The way you can put colors together to show such dimension is truly phenomenal. Thank you for sharing this. I hope Robin’s family gets to see this at some point. It truly is a beautiful way to remember someone who has given so many people joy!

  12. You just keep blowing me away! Stunning.

  13. Thank you for this tribute to a kind, funny, sweet but troubled soul I was watching some old interviews on you tube yesterday and found myself laughing and crying at the same time Robin has always been one of my families favorites I was also lucky to have seen him in concert once. This is just a reminder to hug the ones you love and say I love you at least once a day! I believe that where he is now he is happy free of pain and The Lord is there to comfort his loved ones. Thank you again for this tribute it is well deserved!

  14. Thank you so much for this…since hearing of his death, I’ve felt pretty bereft. What a loss of a completely stellar human being…so human, so talented, so sweet and kind. Flights of Angels take you to your rest, Robin.

  15. Wow! Thank you for sharing your great talent in such a beautiful tribute.

  16. A beautiful tribute!

  17. Ditto on everything said already….just totally amazing!

  18. A wonderful tribute and amazing work of art. I was so shocked when I heard the news of his passing. And now, today, I will be putting down my mother’s cat, who has kidney cancer. How ironic that it is also 7 years to the day that my dad passed. I’ve used a lot of Kleenex in the last couple of day. Thanks, Sandy, for sharing you heart as only an artist can.

  19. Beautiful job Sandy, You really broght out his blue eyes. Thank you!

  20. Yes, truly amazing and is all ready missed.

  21. Incredible!!!!

  22. Oh my, what a beautiful tribute to an amazing person. He greatly influenced and inspired so many others during his life. Thank you for creating and sharing. You too are special!

  23. That was so beautiful – both the art and the tribute. Thank you

  24. Fabulous! Thank you

  25. Wow….nothing more to say.

  26. Amazing….thank you

  27. Stunning…

  28. It is a terrible loss for family and fans, what an incredible tribute from an incredibly talented artist.

  29. Brought me to tears. Such a sad loss, but this is a lovely and very fitting tribute. I am constantly amazed at how talented you are, beautiful.

  30. Dear Sandy, what a great tribute to him – it’s so sad that this great man already passed away!
    I just started to watch the “Mork” Episodes on Youtube. First time I see them in english – when I was a kid I saw them in german… Thanks for reminding me of a small part of my childhood!

  31. Beautifully done, Sandy!

  32. Sandy……………..I’m speechless. That is absolutely beautiful. Great job 🙂

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